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VelaShape 3

With Velashape III, getting rid of extra pounds is a very important step for a flawless appearance. Particularly, regional thinning of areas such as belly, hips or hips can create huge and aesthetic changes in your proportion. Thanks to the changes, you can feel more confident, fit everything you wear better and enjoy feeling healthier and happier than before.

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    VelaShape 3

    In Which Regions Can It Be Applied?

    The main areas where fat accumulation is experienced in the body; legs, abdomen and hips. In these regions, the appearance of orange peel may occur due to growth and fattening due to reasons such as adverse living conditions, irregular diet or the use of certain drugs. Velashape III regional slimming application is designed to be used in abdominal, hip and leg areas. These areas where there is a thicker skin layer compared to other parts of the body are also very critical for the external appearance. For this reason, positive changes in the abdomen, hip or leg area are extremely necessary to achieve the best appearance. Velashape III can get rid of the oils in all these regions thanks to regional slimming; You may have a slim abdominal circumference, a shaped hip, or legs like a mannequin.

    VelaShape 3

    What is the Process and Duration of the Regional Slimming Process in Istanbul?

    Velashape III regional slimming process is a very easy process for both practitioners and customers. Before the application, the important thing is to determine the body structure of the patient and to determine the area that needs to be applied. After this determination, it is possible to start the regional slimming process with the Velashape III device. The application process, which is carried out in different sessions, can be extended or shortened according to the needs of the user. During this period, which usually varies between 4 and 6 sessions, the changes in the treated area begin to appear immediately after the first sessions. While it is appropriate to have a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 10 days between sessions, it is possible to increase the number of sessions and days depending on the effectiveness of regional thinning.

    While the Velashape III non-surgical regional slimming procedure is performed, it is a positive effect that the person who has the application continues with the diet and exercises in order to have more effective results. In this way, from the first session, improvement can be achieved in thinning and eliminating the appearance of cellulite on the skin.

    VelaShape 3

    How is Regional Slimming Procedure Done in Istanbul?

    Velashape III combines these three main processes as a device that uses vacuum, infrared and radiofrequency waves. During the process; First of all, an intense vacuum effect is created in the area to be thinned and fat tissue is loosened and concentrated in that area. Subsequent infrared rays thin the membrane of the fat cells and allow the slimming process to begin. After the warming effect created by infrared rays, fat burning is performed using effective bipolar radiofrequency waves. As a result of this procedure performed on the same area at certain intervals of days, it becomes possible to reduce the adipose tissue in areas such as abdomen, hips and legs.

    VelaShape 3

    Is Regional Slimming Procedure Painful?

    Many regional slimming methods can contain painful and painful processes. In particular, most of the surgical interventions performed on this subject may cause patients to experience pain for a certain period of time. Velashape 3 regional slimming procedure does not cause any pain or pain sensation in the body during the application. It is among the user comments that this application, which creates a heat-effective massage effect, has a relaxing effect due to the increase of blood circulation. It is possible that rashes will appear on the application area after the procedure. However, these rashes disappear in a short time and the skin returns to its original state. Thus, Velashape 3 becomes the favorite of many people as one of the most painless and painless methods in the area of ​​regional thinning.

    VelaShape 3

    When Should Regional Slimming Not Be Applied?

    Before the Velashape III application, an analysis should be performed by experts to determine whether the person is suitable for the procedure. It is appropriate for individuals with diseases related to blood and heart to consult their physicians before this procedure. In addition, if medications such as vascular occlusion medications, aspirin and heart medications are used, the use of these medications should be discontinued at least two weeks before the administration. The absence of infections and wounds in the area to be thinned is also one of the factors that should be considered for the application. In addition, Velashape III regional slimming procedure is not suitable for pregnant women. In all cases other than this, Velashape application can be applied for leg, hip and abdominal areas.

    VelaShape 3

    How Many Cm Does The Application Provide?

    The weakening rates of Velashape III application may vary according to the body structure of the person and the performance of the procedure. Increasing the life standards of the customer especially after the start of the sessions and creating a supportive nutrition and exercise routine affects the results very positively. However, a thinning of 1 to 2.5 cm is expected in the area where a total of 4 to 6 sessions are performed with 10-day intervals.

    By choosing this application, you can easily get rid of your excess and enjoy the happiness of reaching the physique you dream of!

    VelaShape 3 in Turkey

    Although there are many surgical intervention options for regional thinning, it may be the right decision for you to choose methods that allow this process to be performed without going under the knife. At this point, Velashape III), which is the product of the latest technology and will make you get the look you want in a short time in the most effortless ways, is an effective alternative for the best results. Velashape is a device that is specialized in regional thinning and creates perfect and precise results in many different parts of your body with its different stages. With the help of this device, you can get rid of the appearance of cellulite as well as discover the privilege of regional weakening without surgery, pain and pain at the end of a few sessions.

    Velashape III offers a breakthrough technology in its field for non-surgical regional slimming. Thanks to this device, which created the possibility to perform three separate operations with a single tool, which was previously performed using separate devices, it becomes possible to easily apply the most effective application to the body area that is desired to be thinned locally. This triple application consisting of vacuum, infrared and radiofrequency waves covers a process that can be explained as the concentration of the fats in the body at one point and then the reduction of the fat tissue by heating.

    Velashape is a highly functional device consisting of the combination of many different beauty technologies and is a revolutionary application that will allow you to see the results in a very short time when applied by experts. Thanks to this application, which has no harm to human health, you can get rid of excesses in different parts of your body; You can weaken locally without the need for aesthetic interventions.

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