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Vaser Liposuction

Liposuction is a method used to remove unwanted fat tissues from under the skin. In this process, a thin tubular cannula is used to absorb unwanted fat from the body. In fact, this process is similar to that of vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner. Other names used for this method are Lipoforming, Liposculpting, Body Shaping and Lipoplasty.


The purpose of this technique is not to lose weight but to reduce the amount of fat found in the body in order to provide a more aesthetic appearance in certain parts of the body. In this way, a more proportional overall appearance or more evenly appearing limbs or body regions are obtained. The male gynecomastia problem is usually treated by this method. So, liposuction is definitely not a weight loss method, but a body shaping process. Results appear in the mirror, not as a measure.



Vaser Liposuction is a liposuction method based on the melting of subcutaneous fat by applying different types of energies. The most commonly used energy types are radiofrequency, laser and ultrasound. The aim of these three techniques is the same: the softening or melting of hard fat tissues which makes it easier to absorb them in order to give the body an aesthetic appearance.


The Vaser method mainly uses ultrasound. Fat tissue is treated by thin tubes, similar to those used during the Liposuction treatment to apply the required amount of energy. This softens the fat tissue, which is then removed from the body by Liposuction. This method is extremely effective because a large amount of body fat can be removed. The use of this method is more comfortable for both the surgeon and the patient. The surgeon’s work is facilitated by the softening of the fat, and the patient has less bruising and swelling after the procedure, which enables a shorter recovery time.


Liposuction is performed under general anaesthesia where 2-4 small incisions are placed. The area of the body where the procedure is performed is also anaesthetised during the operation. Therefore, no pain is felt when waking up after the operation. The pain felt after leaving the hospital is like muscle pain after sports and can be relieved with simple painkillers. A corset should be worn about 6 weeks after the operation to speed up and support the healing process. Even if the results appear immediately after the operation, the actual effect can be observed approximately 3 months after the operation.


Liposuction or laser liposuction has no direct effect on weight gain. If the patient gains weight after the procedure, there is no weight gain in the treated areas, but in other parts of the body and the aesthetic appearance is affected again. It is therefore necessary to pay the utmost attention to lifestyle and nutrition after the treatment.

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  1. julia says:

    thanks guys to make my boody ‘n the best shape . god blassing you .

  2. Rondek hadidi says:

    Hallo hello my name is Rondek Hadidi and I’m 32 years old and live in Germany, and currently weigh 97kg and I’m 165 tall and I’m very interested in a liposuction at leg legs thighs and poor belly knee under chin and would like to know a price if that is possible ,

  3. Marley says:

    I have around 3cm excess fat on my hips It is too obvious I want to have cold lipoliz can I learn the cost of it ?

    • Flora Klinik says:

      Hello Marley you talk with us in the whatsapp in that number 0090 552 436 80 95
      to give you all details and information about your surgery.thank to contact with us .

  4. Nichole says:

    Eventough I do sports and diets still I can not lose some of the fats. My height is 1,65 abd ny weight is 70 I wanted to remove the fats. The price and how many days I need to stay in Istanbul. thank you

    • Flora Klinik says:

      Hello Nichole you talk with us in the whatsapp in that number 0090 552 436 80 95
      to give you all details and information about your surgery.thank to contact with us .

  5. Lucy Asamoah says:

    I am 31 years of age, my weight is about 97kg I’m not tall by height. I’m UK . I have excess fat on my arms and Tommy.

  6. Maria says:

    hello I’m short, I’m 75 weight, and I have fat located in the arms belly and legs, I would like to improve my appearance, can you tell me the price

  7. Leila says:

    My name is leil l want price for tiny Belle and underarm please and tights

  8. A Reece says:

    What is the price of a tummy tuck and arm lipo?

  9. Patty says:

    Hello i’m 55 kk weight and i have fat loceted in the belly and atomic I would like know the price

  10. Tanya Davies says:

    I have lower back faf as love handles and my belly is fat no matter what i do exercise nothing hrlps my legs als feel swollen thighs anf back of legs top and bottom how much please i need help

  11. F Kanwal says:

    Hi I am 34 year old I want to remove my belly fat my weight is 65 and I m diabetic type2 patient and I lived in England tell me all the information please.

  12. Ritaa says:

    Hi..How much is that VASER LIPOSUCTON

  13. Masengo Noella says:

    Salut ćest madame masengo noella

  14. Lorraine Gregal says:

    Good afternoon, I’m looking for visor liposuction, stomach, back, inner and outer thighs, upper arms and under chin, can you give me a price for that please?

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