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Vaser Liposuction

Vaser ‌‌liposuction, which is offered as a solution to regional fats that cannot be saved despite regular sports and long diets, is now applied with a much more innovative method. ‌Vaser liposuction, which you can choose to get rid of resistant oils in a very short time and return to your daily life faster, is among the most applied aesthetic operations. Moreover, with this application, the oils extracted from the region can be used for plumping in other regions.
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    Vaser ‌Liposuction

    What is Degreasing in Turkey?

    Breast augmentation methods are basically divided into two. The first and most preferred one is the enlargement of breasts with the help of silicone prostheses. Another method of breast augmentation is to add fat tissues taken from the person’s own body structure to the chest area.

    However, today, when the most suitable silicone for breast structure is preferred, the silicone method that gives extremely natural results; It is a common, easy and fast solution.

    Vaser ‌Liposuction in Istanbul

    What Should Be Considered Before Degreasing?

    Although it is a small and easy to heal process, there are a few things to consider before vaser ‌liposution fat removal. Staying away from smoking before the procedure facilitates both the application and the post-application healing process. Some vitamins are also not recommended by doctors. During the process, any medication and herbal support products without a doctor’s recommendation and without the knowledge of the surgeon should not be used. Blood thinners such as aspirin should also be stopped before the procedure. Likewise, herbal teas that may have blood thinning effects should be avoided. Relying on your doctor’s warnings and recommendations before the fat removal procedure and fulfilling their requests completely will positively affect both the operation and the success rate after the operation.

    How is Vaser Liposuction done?

    Before the application, the area to be treated and the amount of oil to be removed are determined first. The process can be done in a single area or in several regions at the same time. Accordingly, your doctor may use local or general anesthesia. Ultrasonographic sound waves are given to the numbing area or areas with ‌vaser technology during the operation, which takes 1-2 hours on average. Without damaging any other tissue, sound waves only affect the fat layers and allow them to pass into liquid form. Liquefied oil is removed from the area through small holes in the skin through cannulas. After the degreasing process is completed, the holes are closed and the operation is terminated. Since the holes are very small, no stitches are made. After the operation, the patient is dressed in a special corset suitable for the treated area. After about 3 hours, the patient can walk.

    Vaser ‌Liposuction

    Who is Degreasing Suitable for?

    Vaser Liposuction is an application that can benefit anyone who cannot get the desired results despite the sports and diets they do, and who complain about their fat accumulated in a certain area. However, the skin tension of the patients is important for the procedure to be performed. After the procedure, the skin should not lose its elasticity in order for the region to tighten and return to the form it should be. For this reason, the procedure may not give the desired results in patients with advanced age. In addition, overweight individuals should reduce their fat amount with a healthy diet and exercise before considering this procedure. Because in the application, high amounts of fat are not removed in one go to avoid skin deformation. Although this operation provides weakening in people, it is not for weight loss, it is the process of putting the body into shape by saving the fat that disturbs the person.

    While pre-operative risk analysis is required for people with diseases such as heart, vascular, diabetes, ‌vaser liposuction is not applied to pregnant women and new births. In addition, ‌vaser ‌liposuction is not suitable for aesthetic problems such as cellulite and sagging in the abdomen and hips.

    Vaser ‌Lipocustion

    Is Pain Feeling After Fat Removal?

    Silicones used in breast augmentation operations can be divided into two groups in general terms. The first of these are dispersion silicones. Dispersion silicones are silicones with a more curved lower part and a lower upper part, extremely close to the natural breast appearance. Dispersion silicones are also known as drop silicon due to their shape similarity. Dispersion silicones are also called anatomical silicone, as the use of dispersion silicone gives the closest result to nature in people with a small breast structure and relatively thin skin.

    The upper and lower parts of the round silicones that make up the second group are symmetrical. These silicones, which give the breasts a more rounded and fully curved appearance, are preferred in patients whose breasts are not very small and whose skin texture is more dense.

    Getting the best results in breast augmentation operations depends on the silicone to be chosen as much as the expert skill and experience. Therefore, the main actor in silicone selection should be your physical structure and silicone should adapt to your body in the most natural way.

    Can It Be Applied With Other Aesthetic Operations?

    The advantage of the ‌vaser technique is that the fats taken can be used in plumping and correction operations elsewhere in the body. Since the structure of the fat taken with this process does not deteriorate, it easily adapts to the injected area and maintains its form for a long time. These oils can be used for breast augmentation, plumping and lifting. Likewise, all applications requiring butt shaping, leg correction and similar fat transfer can be applied with vaser ‌liposuction. However, your health condition and the intensity of the applications you plan to have may cause your doctor to make different decisions.

    Vaser Liposuction

    When Are Final Results Seen After Degreasing?

    In most patients, postoperative results are immediately noticeable. The recovery of the skin and the reduction of edema in the body may occur within the first week, or it may take up to 5-6 weeks depending on the age and lifestyle of the person. Regular use of corset for the first two weeks, abundant water consumption increases the success of healthy nutrition. Since the fat cells in the treated area are removed, the possibility of regaining fat in the area is low, but with regular sports and healthy nutrition, the possibility of regaining fat in the area is prevented.

    Vaser Liposuction

    Is Gynecomastia Treatment Possible With Fat Removal?

    One of the areas where Vaser liposuction fat removal is frequently applied is gynecomastia. Vaser liposuction is preferred because it provides improvement in a short time and does not damage the tissue of the breast for this aesthetic problem that occurs in the presence of glandular structure in the male breast. During the process, sound waves are given to the breast area and excess fat is liquefied. After the oils in liquid form are removed from the area through cannulas, the patient is dressed in a protective chest corset that helps to bring the chest region into the desired form and against possible jolts. Shortly after the operation, the region regains the desired form and the person gets rid of the uncomfortable appearance.

    Flora ‌Clinic is with you with its experienced and expert staff to achieve your dream look. You can contact us for anything you want to know about Vaser liposuction fat removal.

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