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Ultraformer III

Today, thanks to the developing technology, it is much easier to resist the time, to eliminate the skin deformations that occur in sudden weight loss and to have a tighter skin today. You can regain your beauty in one session without surgery, needles and pain.

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    Ultraformer III in Istanbul


    Ultraformer III is a fast and effective state-of-the-art non-invasive ultrasound device that tightens, tightens and reshapes your skin without any damage to the skin.

    The uppermost layer of the skin is the epidermis layer and has the ability to renew itself. In this layer, cells that lose their vitality over time are shed and new cells formed by the interaction of the dermis provide the regeneration of the epidermis. Today, frequent peeling and various laser applications help to renew the epidermis by stimulating the dermis. Under the dermis, the SMAS consists of muscle and strong connective tissue, and has a viscous and elastic structure. SMAS is responsible for the movement of the mimic muscles and skin. Repair of the SMAS is as important as the regeneration of the dermis in aesthetic surgery applications. Applications such as peeling and laser only affect the dermis area of ​​the skin and cannot reach the SMAS under the dermis. With Ultraformer III, successful results are obtained in skin regeneration and shaping achievable to SMAS.

    Ultaformer III

    How Does It Work?

    Ultraformer III focuses on the targeted area and transmits intense ultrasound waves (HIFU = High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) to different layers of the skin by providing thermal coagulation (65 ~ 75 ° C) without touching the surrounding areas. Ultraformer III has MMFU (= Micro & Macro Focused Ultrasound) cartridges that can target different depths. These cartridges allow the removal of wrinkles around the eyes / lips, the reshaping of the desired parts of the body in the arms, legs, buttocks, abdomen and waist region.

    Ultrasound waves also trigger the formation of new collagen in the skin. Thanks to the new collagen formation, the skin tightens and wrinkles disappear. In addition, Ultraformer III also removes fat cells in the targeted area. The body comes together to replace the fat cells lost. Thus, cellulite disappears and a tighter and more shaped skin is formed.

    Why Choose Ultraformer III in Turkey Istanbul?

    • Surgery does not require needles, there is no scar or stain after the application.
    • No pain or pain is felt during and after the application.
    • It does not require anesthesia.
    • There is no need for pre-application preparation and post-application treatment.
    • It can be returned to daily life immediately.
    • There is no side effect.
    • It can be applied to all regions with MMFU cartridges.
    • In addition to removing skin imperfections, it also provides skin renewal.
    • Its effect can be observed immediately and its effectiveness is long lasting.
    • The application time is short (15-30 minutes).
    • Is there a specific age for implementation?It can be safely applied to people between the ages of 30-80 on the face, neck and the whole body.
    Ultraformer III

    Who cannot apply?

    Ulrafornmer3 cannot be applied to people with active infection, wound healing or bleeding problems, pregnant, pacemakers or metal shunts in the area of ​​application.

    Ultraformer III

    Which areas can it be applied to?

    Ultraformer III can be used safely on the face, neck and all skin. Many treatments such as eyebrow lifting, thigh stretching, butt tightening, waist tightening can be applied with Ultraformer III.

    Ultraformer III

    When can you observe the results of the application?

    Approximately half an hour after the application, visible tightening and rejuvenation of the skin is observed. Although the effect of the application varies according to the skin type, it lasts for 1 to 2 years.


    Ultraformer III

    What should you pay attention to after the application?

    The application is a painless procedure. You can return to your daily life immediately after the application. However, after the application, it is recommended to stay away from sports or work that requires effort for 1-2 days, not to massage for 1 week, not to take a shower with hot water.


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