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Inside Leg Stretching

Occasionally deterioration occurs in the body due to aging, rapid weight loss or pregnancy. These deteriorations; They are the result of changes in the structure, shape and arrangement of collagen and aesthetic fibers in the human body. Legs, the part of the body that can be restricted from the groin to the base and are used for walking, are also affected by these deformities. Due to the thin skin in the inner parts of the upper legs (thighs), it is seen that sagging and loosening occur in the area, which is much more affected.

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    Leg Stretching

    Why Is It Needed?

    Due to the sagging situation, the person may not feel aesthetically well or may be uncomfortable due to irritation on the skin due to friction while walking and life comfort may be impaired. Individuals who wish this problem to be solved, restore their old comfort and wish to have an aesthetic appearance; It applies to the “Leg Stretching” procedure.

    Leg Stretching

    What is aesthetics in Istanbul?

    Leg lift; It is the name given to the operation performed to reduce the accumulation of fat and stretching the sagging in the inner parts of the upper leg, which can also be called the thigh. The main purpose of the procedure is not to thin the whole leg area, but to remove the abundance and fluctuations in the upper leg. On the other hand, aesthetic procedures such as degreasing and regional thinning can be added and applied to the main process during the operation, considering both demand and skin quality. Along with thigh lift surgery, abdominoplasty can be performed according to the patient’s request.

    Leg Stretching

    What are the Methods in Turkey?

    Along with the sagging of the upper leg caused by many factors, fat deposits can also be seen during the examination. The problem can be solved by laser lipolysis or liposuction procedure in legs where fat is present. Thus, leg lift aesthetics may not be needed. However, in cases where sagging is more dominant, a leg lift is applied following the diagnosis of the physician. From time to time, liposuction can be performed during the leg lift operation.

    This procedure can be applied because the legs of individuals whose skin types are prone to deterioration or who frequently gain and lose weight can sometimes sag at an early age. However, apart from this, thigh lift operation is usually performed in women aged 40 and over. Because as the age progresses, the problem of skin deterioration and sagging progresses and stands out aesthetically. The reason why thigh lift aesthetics is performed in women is that the hips and thighs are wider and prone to sagging due to the effect of estrogen secreted in the female body.

    Questions To Ask Yourself Before Consultation

    Before the examination and diagnosis, asking and answering the following questions will help both the physicians and you during and after the operation:

    • Do I really need this operation?
    • Why do I want to have this operation?
    • Do I want to apply to other operations for my ideal aesthetic appearance?
    • Will incision scars be a problem for me?
    • Is my leather quality suitable for this process?

    And if you answer basic questions like these that you find important in your mind, you will be conscious during the examination and consultation; After the operation is performed, you will be someone who has achieved the aesthetic goal he is looking for.

    Leg Stretching

    Examination and Diagnosis

    If you think that you have answered the questions in your mind and decided to have the operation, you will need to be examined first. You can choose the specialist physicians of Flora Clinic for the examination. During the examination, the diagnosis is made by considering the quality of the skin, the thickness of the adipose tissue under the skin, the amount of sagging and the patient’s expectation, and the surgery technique is decided. Therefore, it is important to evaluate each patient separately when making a diagnosis. If the amount of fat is more than sagging, the patient can be directed to liposuction with lipomatic. If the sagging is prominent and important, and if the patient has requested other procedures, approval is given to perform the leg lift operation. The physician informs the patient about the operation method to be applied, and then the decision-making process begins for the patient to have the procedure performed.

    Leg Stretching

    Preoperative Considerations

    When the patient under examination decides to undergo surgery, he should pay attention to the sleep pattern and sleep at least 8 hours a day. As with any surgery, it is necessary to stop consuming aspirin, smoking and alcohol three weeks before. The use of drugs that dilute the blood in the last week should be discontinued. Painkillers called Aspranaks, Voltaren, Vermidon should not be used. If pain relief is needed, Minoset or Novalgin will be sufficient. Multivitamin pills containing substances such as Ginseng, Ginko Biloba, CO-enzyme Q; Herbal products such as green tea, flax seeds, cherry stalk, tomato seeds and all slimming products should be stopped 7 days ago. You should inform the doctor about the antibiotics, tranquilizers, diuretics, steroids and other types of drugs you use before the surgery.

    You should tell your doctor if you already have a pregnancy, upper respiratory tract infection or a cold. In addition, if you have had an operation before, telling your nurse about the problems you experienced after the surgery (severe nausea, vomiting, bleeding, etc.) will provide you with special precautions.

    Leg Stretching

    Operation Day

    On the day of the operation, first of all, the expert team of Flora Clinic will provide all conditions for the patient and patient relatives to be in well-being. It will be best for you not to eat or drink anything within 6 hours before the operation. Due to anesthesia, you may vomit the foods you eat or drink and get into your windpipe. While preparing for the surgery, it is important to clean your nail polish or lipstick, not to have any metal items on you, and to remove any false teeth or lenses.

    Leg Stretching

    How is it done?

    The operation performed under general anesthesia in the operating environment takes 1-3 hours on average. During the examination, liposuction is first applied to patients diagnosed with thick skin. Then, the sagging skin and adipose tissues are surgically removed. The process is completed by stretching the skin and sewing it. In patients with low amount of sagging of the leg, an incision scar remains in the groin with a horizontal line. However, when a horizontal scar is left in the skin sagging from the groin to the knee level, the incision is made vertically since that scar may progress after a while and deform the genitals. The cut can start from the groin and extend to the knee.
    Patients who undergo surgery can be discharged on the same day or the next day. Bandages should be placed on the stitches and a light dressing should be done for the first two days. Since the stitches are under the skin, there is no need to take stitches. Two days after the operation, the patient can take a shower. Legs above heart level in the first days

    Leg Stretching

    Postoperative Considerations

    should be. The stitches heal within two weeks. However, the stitches should be protected until the healing process, heavy movements should not be made and hygiene should be provided. It should be rested for the first three weeks after the operation. After the third week, all sports can be done except running. A corset should be worn and cotton underwear should be worn for the first month. After a month, the stitch mark starts to fade. During this process, stitches should be protected from the sun. After the sixth week, everything is free. The doctor will explain all these in detail to the patient immediately after the operation. If the doctor follows exactly what he says, the patient’s healing process will be much more comfortable and he will have the desired appearance.

    Leg Stretching

    Problems That May Occur During and After Surgery

    Since leg lift aesthetics is an operation performed under general anesthesia, it is a painless operation. Incision scars and suture strain, which are also valid for all plastic surgeries, can be considered as a problem. The doctor will inform the patient about the incision marks before the operation. Horizontal incision scars may lengthen over time, causing stretching and enlargement of the outer lips of the vulva, the female sexual organ, and an aesthetic deterioration in this area. Vertical incision scars will not be seen or noticed from the front and back parts of the body. However, a more important point is the difficulty of sewing. If you force the suture without obeying the doctor’s warnings, your healing process may be prolonged and you may experience problems.

    Leg Stretching

    Your New Look and Comfort

    After all this operation process, your legs will not disturb you while walking and you will get an extremely aesthetic appearance. While horizontal and small incision scars on the groin can be covered with underwear, vertical incision scars are not visible from the back and front of the body and become pale over time.

    Success of thigh lift aesthetics depends on the expertise and experience of the doctor as well as the patient’s showing the necessary care. Flora Clinic; It will be at your service with its expert staff for you to have the ideal image of your dreams, to live a comfortable life and for your self-confident stance. You can contact us for your questions about leg lift aesthetics.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is intra-leg stretching performed?

    With the advancement of age, yellowing begins to form in the body areas. The skin loses its elasticity, and the fat tissue under the skin begins to decrease. Skin sagging begins to appear in areas with these effects. If gravity, weight gain and genetic factors accompany aging, these effects on the skin may be faster. The inner parts of the legs are also the areas that experience these effects exactly. Due to the sagging of the inner leg skin, people have an irritation effect even when walking. Rash may occur on irritated skin. Also, this can turn into an aesthetic problem. For these reasons, thigh stretching may be required.


    Will there be any scars after thigh lift?

    In thigh lift surgery, the excess skin in the area is removed according to the degree of sagging in the patient. The more the sagging affected the inner parts of the leg, the more the scar left after the surgery. In some patients, skin sagging is limited to the groin area only. In this case, the incision made in the surgery is only in the groin area. At the end of the surgery, the scars are hidden in the underwear and the incision site is sewn.


    How long does intra-thigh lift surgery take?

    Intra-leg stretching surgery takes approximately 2-4 hours. If general anesthesia was used in the operation, patients may be discharged from the hospital the next day. The type of anesthesia to be used in surgery is decided according to the patient’s condition and demand. If the skin sagging in the leg is excessive, general anesthesia may be preferred for the comfort of the patient, since the operation will take a long time. However, it is possible to perform the surgery with local anesthesia.


    Can liposuction be performed together with thigh stretching surgery?

    Patients are evaluated before surgery. At this stage, the degree of sagging in the skin and the thickness of the underlying fat tissue are determined. If there is sagging in the legs caused by weight gain and loss, the skin thickness of the patients is also higher. The fatty tissue accumulated in this area also increases. In these patients, thigh stretching surgery and liposuction are performed together. These applications allow the patient to have more aesthetic looking legs.


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