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Scarlet S in Turkey

Scarlet S, also known as gold needle, is a skin care procedure that provides non-surgical treatment by sending energy to damaged tissues with a radiofrequency system with personal sterile fractional microneedles. It is an extremely safe system with no side effects and shockless needle technology. It has a wide range of use in the elimination of many problems, from non-surgical rejuvenation procedures to repairing damages on the skin tissue for various reasons.

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    Scarlet S

    Who and How is it Applied in Istanbul?

    The Scarlet S system can be applied to all age groups and men and women, depending on the purpose of the treatment. Before the procedure, the skin is cleaned to prevent any infection. Approximately half an hour before the skin is anesthetized with a local anesthetic cream. In the Scarlet S system, a controlled energy is transmitted to the skin with a cap to which gold needles are attached and a radiofrequency unit to which the cap is attached. Thanks to radiofrequency waves, elastin and collagen tissues under the skin are stimulated and renewed. The application time takes approximately 20 to 40 minutes depending on the treatment. It is important that the application is done in a completely sterile environment and by specialist physicians.

    Scarlet S

    What are the Usage Areas?

    Thanks to the Scarlet S method, it is possible to get rid of many problems related to your skin. With Scarlet S, skin renewal, skin rejuvenation, revealing facial and jaw lines, skin tightening, treatment of fine wrinkles, inflammatory acne treatment, sebum balancing, pigmented lesion treatment, lifting (face lift), enlarged pore treatment, skin tone regulation are provided. It is an effective method for the treatment of sagging in the legs, rejuvenation of the spots on the hands and the back of the hand, tightening the body, and eliminating sagging arms. Against excessive sweating, which is another problem you may complain about, Scarlet S ensures permanent reduction of sweat glands by stopping sweat secretion in the sweating area.

    Besides these; Age-related wrinkles on the face, forehead, eyebrows and around the eyes, above the lips, neck and décolleté disappear naturally thanks to the skin rejuvenation method and makes you feel younger. Scarlet S, which creates very successful results in the treatment of scar (acne scar), prevents the formation of blackheads by tightening the pores on the skin. In the method called stria treatment, the cracks in the skin are removed by needle radiofrequency and fractional carbon dioxide laser treatments.

    Scarlet S

    Treatment and Recovery Time in Turkey

    The Scarlet S method is applied as a session every 3-4 weeks on average and 3 sessions are performed, but this situation varies depending on the skin type and skin condition. After the first session, a relatively visible change occurs in the skin. It continues by increasing the healing effect with each session. Due to collagen decrease for years, the sagging skin produces new collagen and gains a younger appearance. Considering that the skin continues to age, the Scarlet S procedure is repeated several sessions at the end of a year, depending on the programming of your doctor.

    Redness occurs 1-2 hours after the procedure, depending on the skin’s reaction. However, these rashes disappear completely within an average of 2 days. The patient should keep their skin moist as possible and use sunscreen.

    What are the Advantages of Scarlet S Application Flora Clinic in Turkey?

    • Thanks to the structure of the needles, it provides a minimum of pain and pain during the procedure.
    • Since the application time and recovery time are short, there is no change in the daily life of the patient.
    • No bruising or bleeding occurs under the skin.
    • No needle marks or wounds related to the procedure
    • It is a painless, effortless practical method without the need for surgery.
    • It is a system that shows its effect quickly from the first moment.
    • It does not require any special care after application.
    • 0.5 mm. It creates an adjustable working area with skin depth from 'to 3.5 mm. Thanks to this system that can reach all layers of the skin, epidermis and dermis tissue can be treated at the same time.

    Because Scarlet S application is a non-surgical procedure, it is a much more economical procedure. Scarlet S system prices vary depending on the skin problems, the area to be applied and the number of sessions. You can make an appointment with Flora Clinic for all your questions about the Scarlet S system and for the detection and treatment of your skin problems.

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