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Acne scars are spots that occur with aging. The harmful effects of the sun cause a dull and dull appearance on the skin. At the same time, the skin surface, which is exposed to many environmental factors, may face an undesirable appearance such as color unevenness over time. Skin care with medical technologies is among the frequently preferred methods to get more effective results in addition to the daily skin care routine or in cases where such care is not sufficient. Q Switch laser technology, which targets a healthier and more equalized skin appearance, is one of these treatment methods.

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    Q Switch Lazer


    With the developing technology, different types of laser treatment give effective results in many skin problems. One of them, Q Switch, is a laser application that stands out with its extremely powerful pulses in a short time. In the Q Switch laser method, areas outside of the target point determined are minimally affected. In this way, both a fast result is obtained and only the problem in the relevant region is solved.

    In Which Areas and Areas is Q Switch Laser Used in Turkey?

    Q Switch laser is mostly used in the treatment of skin spots and removal of permanent tattoos. Some areas where it is used are as follows:

    • It is applied in the treatment of spots seen on the skin surface: Sun and birth spots, freckles, age spots, "Ota nevus" that causes color difference, "Ito nevus" are some of them.
    • It is applied in permanent deletion of tattoo applications.
    • It is applied for rejuvenating treatment in case the skin loses its elasticity and youthful appearance that occurs with aging.
    • It can also be applied in fungal diseases seen in toenails.
    Q Switch lazer

    Which Spot Treatment Is More Effective?

    There are cosmetic and medical methods to remove the stained appearance. While skin care products (creams, tonics and peels, etc.) are sufficient for some spots, more effective methods such as laser treatment may be preferred for some spots. Here, the type of the stain, the rate of spread on the skin and the expectation of the person are important. You can decide on the appropriate spot treatment for you in consultation with your doctor, and support the treatment with skin care products that will be a continuation of the application.

    Q Switch Lazer

    How is Tattoo Removal Done in Turkey?

    Permanent tattoos are separated into small particles with Q Switch laser pulses. Skin tissue cleans the shattered inked tissue over time. Laser tattoo removal performed under the control of an expert provides effective results. The repetition of the application, the number of sessions required and the application intervals vary according to both your skin structure and the size of the tattoo and the colors used. It is important to act according to the session interval determined in laser treatments for the protection of skin health.

    Q Switch Lazer

    Does It Give Definite Results? Is It A Painful Application?

    Although it is possible to completely remove tattoos with laser, there is no single treatment method that gives definitive results for everyone. Many criteria such as the age of the person, skin structure, the area to be removed and the color pigments used in the tattoo will be effective in the result. As with many laser applications, some pain sensation may occur during Q Switch application, but this varies from person to person. In order to reduce the feeling of pain, help can be obtained from cooling products applied to the skin before treatment.

    Q Switch Lazer

    Is Spot Treatment Permanent? What Should Be Considered After The Treatment?

    Color differences and spots on the skin can be removed permanently with sufficient and appropriate treatment methods. However, if it is a stain problem caused by external factors such as the sun, it is necessary to continue to be protected from the sun in order for the treatment to be effective and to prevent new spots. Sensitivity may occur in the skin after laser. Therefore, choosing the treatment in winter months will provide a healthier result.

    If you are uncomfortable with spots, color differences and signs of aging on the skin, you can consult the experienced team of Flora Clinic to determine your specific treatment method, and contact us for more detailed information about Q Switch laser.

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