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Prominent Ear

Prominent ear aesthetics is a medical intervention that can be preferred by anyone who has a prominent ear problem and is uncomfortable with this problem. This disease, also known as prominent ear deformity; It is the condition of the auricle protruding and curved forward. Prominent ear is a congenital deformation. Nowadays, this deformation is eliminated with very simple operations, in a very short time and in a way that does not disrupt daily work.

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    Prominent Ear

    Why Should You Be Aesthetic in Istanbul?

    Prominent ear deformity; It can cause discomfort especially in children, adolescents, adulthood, briefly in every period of life. It is a highly sensitive condition that can create a lack of self-confidence in people and cause them to feel psychologically and emotionally incomplete. School-age children may also be affected psychologically and emotionally from this situation. This situation, which can cause sensitivity in adolescents and adults, can be eliminated within minutes with prominent ear surgery.

    What Preparations Are Made for Prominent Ear Aesthetics?

    • Pain relievers such as aspirin can be drunk up to one week before the operation. If any medication will be used in the week before the operation, this should be reported to the plastic surgeon. Information should also be obtained from the doctor for medications that are taken continuously.
    • Personal care applications such as make-up and hair gel should be avoided while going to the operation.
    • There is no harm in women who are in their menstrual period to have an operation.
    • Comfortable clothes such as tracksuits should be worn.
    • You should remove your jewelry before the aesthetic operation.
    • It is recommended that smokers do not smoke one week before the operation and for one week after the operation.
    • It is recommended that people who will undergo surgery have a companion with them. However, this surgery can be performed individually as it is a simple procedure.
    • It is also recommended not to consume herbal teas, licorice root and ginger before the surgery. This may cause an increase in bleeding during surgery.

    How is Prominent Ear Aesthetics Performed?

    • Prominent ear operation does not cause any hearing problems and is a very safe operation that takes place from the outside.
    • First of all, the results of the surgical examinations will be shared with you by the plastic surgeon by deciding what kind of operation will be performed and which procedures should be performed in the operation.
    • The patient is placed on the stretcher by turning on its side, the head area is covered so that only the ear where the surgery will take place is exposed. Then, the physician determines the areas where the deformation will be removed by making some drawings and small interventions in this area.
    • At the beginning of the operation, the ears are numbed with the help of anesthesia. Since only regional anesthesia is applied, the consciousness of the persons is clear. Small incisions made during the operation are not felt by the patient.
    • There is absolutely no incision on the visible surfaces of the ear. All operations usually take place at the distance between the back of the auricle and the skull.
    • A small incision of 3 cm is made in the cartilage part of the ear.
    • The necessary shaping stitches are made over the incision.
    • These stitches do not need to be removed later as they are self-dissolving.
    • Then the ears are wrapped and the patient can stand up immediately.
    • There is no hospitalization period after this operation. Patients can continue their daily life from where they left off.
    Prominent Ear

    How Long Does The Aesthetics Operation Take?

    The prominent ear aesthetic operation takes place in a way that the patient cannot understand. After local anesthesia, a quarter of the time of the operation is left behind while the scratches are removed. Prominent ear aesthetics, which is an operation that lasts about half an hour, may change in time depending on the deformation in the ear. In large deformation rates, the operation time can be up to 2 hours.

    Where Are Breast Prostheses Placed in Istanbul?

    In breast augmentation applications, there are three main places where prostheses will be placed. Prostheses can be placed under the breast muscle membrane (under the membrane), above or below the breast muscle. Naming in the placement of prosthesis is made according to the chest muscle called pectoral muscle.

    Prominent Ear Aesthetics with Thread

    Rope aesthetic intervention, which is one of the non-surgical aesthetic applications, is generally applied to deformations that require very simple interventions, with the scoop part not curled much. Although it is a very simple method, it may be more difficult to get effective results with this method.

    Prominent Ear Aesthetics Operation

    It is the operation whose operation steps have been described above. Regardless of the deformation rate, it is one of the most reliable methods. As a result of this operation, very precise and effective results are obtained. At the end of the operation, the desired ear image is obtained and the discomfort disappears completely.

    Prominent Ear Aesthetics with Laser

    It is a painless and painless operation in 20 minutes. The bleeding rate is also very low in this operation. The incision is made with laser, then the ear is pulled back with special stitches. The healing process of laser aesthetics is also very fast and intensive dressing is not required.

    Prominent Ear

    Is Pain and Pain Feeled During Anesthesia?

    As in many other areas, there are unconscious comments about ear aesthetics among the public. One of these interpretations is a misconception that “ear anesthesia causes a lot of pain and pain”. Ear anesthesia performed by expert and reliable physicians is a very easy and painless procedure. With the professionalism of the physicians and the support of their teams, the procedure takes place without the patients even realizing the process. No pain or pain is felt during prominent ear surgery, which is an operation that lasts for half an hour.

    Prominent Ear

    Post-Aesthetics Recovery Process

    After the prominent ear surgery, the change is observed at the moment and the deformation is removed. You may notice that the ears are further behind than expected. This process is carried out consciously by physicians. The stitches used in the ear aesthetic operation may release after a while. In order to take precautions for this situation, the physicians throw the stitches very tightly. The final result is obtained between 2 weeks and 4 weeks. The very simple ear aesthetic operation is one of the easiest methods that can be applied without any doubt to achieve the desired appearance afterwards. After the surgery, it is necessary to rest for a few days and avoid activities such as jogging and training that shake the ears.

    The feeling of pain or pain after the operation is very low. Pain and pain may be mild in the first few days only. However, this formation completely disappears within a few days, although it depends on the physician’s intervention. In addition, medical bandages are applied after the operation to prevent such pain and to ensure that patients can sleep comfortably. This special bandage, which looks like an ordinary bandage, does not cause any discomfort in patients. It reduces pain and pain complaints by preventing the ear from curling during sleep or during daily activities. Patients can meet their personal cleaning needs two to three days after the operation.

    Prominent Ear

    Is Aesthetic Operation Risky?

    The prominent ear aesthetic operation is an operation performed with very simple interventions without large-sized incisions on the head area. During the operation, only the cartilaginous part of the ear is intervened. As in all surgeries, there may be bleeding in prominent ear surgery. However, this situation can be controlled by specialist physicians and is considered normal. Therefore, prominent ear surgery is not among high-risk operations.

    Prominent Ear

    Can Children Have Aesthetics?

    The development of the auricle in children continues until the age of 6. According to experts, children who will have prominent ear surgery should have surgery some time before they start school. This requirement is important for the child to communicate positively with his / her friends at school age. However, if this period has passed, the operation can be performed after the necessary examinations.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the prominent ear problem corrected outside of the surgery?

    Since prominent ear deformity is a problem that develops in the mother’s womb, it can be performed from the age of 5-6 when most of the ear development is completed. Prominent ear surgery can be performed in patients in this age group. The prominent ear problem, which cannot be corrected at this age, can be corrected in adulthood either by surgery or by rope prominent ear aesthetics. Thread ear aesthetics is an extremely easy and reversible method. The prominent ear problem of the patients is resolved without surgery.


    Is a second operation needed?

    Generally, patients with prominent ear surgery do not need a second surgery. However, revision surgery may be needed for reasons such as asymmetry in the ears after the operation, not adjusting the head and ear angle correctly, and loosening of the inner sutures made on the ears. This surgery is not as difficult as the first one. It can be done in a shorter time by the doctor who performed the first surgery.


    When is the best time for prominent ear aesthetics?

    Since the prominent ear problem is a deformity that starts in the mother’s womb, the best time to perform the surgery is 5-6 years of age in childhood. If the problem is not corrected by surgery at these ages, psychological problems may develop in children. Because children can be ridiculed among their peers because of their prominent ears. Parents should be more sensitive to protect their children from this negative effect. The mental and physical development of children who undergo prominent ear surgery will also be healthy. It will be better in the relationships they will establish in social situations. There is a risk of children growing asocial due to the prominent ear surgery not performed on time.


    Are different treatments for men and women?

    Generally, the same applications are made for women and men in rhinoplasty surgery. However, anatomical differences between men and women are definitely taken into consideration. Because the tip of the nose, nose wings, nose back are different in men and women. Arrangements are made accordingly.

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