Popular Types of Lip Fillers

Lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that seeks to enhance lip fullness by filling in lips using injectable fillers like fat, hyaluronic acid or collagen. The cosmetic doctor will generally make a small incision beneath the lip and pull out the skin, which is then tightened back to conceal the scar. Collagen or fat implant may be used to enhance your lips, but there are risks with this type of cosmetic surgery and other permanent remedies. There are also non-invasive ways to improve the overall look of your lips without any complications.

In Los Angeles, cosmetic surgeons have created a niche industry to improve the appearance of uneven lips. Their specialty is in lip fillers, which can give you a fuller, plumper, more youthful look without the need for surgery. You can use lip fillers to plump up your lips by applying them with a brush to wrinkles, lines, and bags around the mouth.

Lip FillerLip fillers can be used to enhance your lips, whether they are gummy smiles hanging marks, or crooked. Your cosmetic surgeon will suggest the type of lip filler that will work best for you based on your skin tone, the depth of your lips, your age, and whether or not you want scars, chips or tattoos. Cosmetic fillers are typically made from either synthetic fluid or a gelatin powder. Most are diluted with a solution of 1% propylene glycol, and some are made from a combination of glycol and water. Lip fillers are available in different strengths to control bleeding and to mimic the texture of natural tissue.

One of the most common lip augmentation procedures is called lip injections. With this procedure, fat or liquid is injected into the lip area to create an artificial fullness. Lip fillers can be filled into hollows or creases, while injectable lip implants can be injected directly into the lip area. You can choose from various strengths, such as small bumps that are barely noticeable, larger amounts that provide more definition, and even collagen protein fillers that are similar to the texture of human lips. The amount you receive depends on a few factors, including your overall health and the amount of fat and tissue you have to drape over your lips.

There are some drawbacks to lip fillers, however. While they give the patient fullness, they are often permanent, which means that you cannot reverse the surgery. Also, if you have a tendency to bruise easily, you might not want to get a permanent form of lip enhancement, since it may lead to chapped lips or other complications. If you have a healthy lifestyle and are able to practice cosmetic surgery without negative side effects, you might consider injectable lip fillers.

Many plastic surgeons offer a technique called lip lifting. This procedure lifts the upper lip area and also creates an illusion of a longer lower lip area. This technique is most effective for patients with a short upper lip and small amounts of fat and tissue below the lip. If you have a small upper lip area, you can get an upper lip lift by getting a subnasal lip lift. If you have excess fat and tissue above the gum line, you will need a traditional incision lip filler.

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