Mustache Transplantation

Mustache Transplantation

Mustache is widely used in Turkish society. It is preferred in men both visually and in order to give various messages to the other person. As a symbol of an interest or a thought in women, a mustache is like an indispensable accessory for men. Even if the mustache area is shaved, the darkness created by the hair follicles is effective in expressing the masculine expression. On the contrary, effects such as the corner of the mustache area make the expression of identity difficult and cause various problems. Here, mustache transplantation can be done to end such problems.

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    How is a mustache transplant done and what should be considered?

    One of the details that add an aesthetic appearance to a man’s face is a mustache. If there is no hair in the mustache area or there is sparse hair follicle or there are local deficiencies in the area, having a mustache transplantation will be a solution to the problem. The person should apply to a surgeon or center specialized in the field of mustache transplantation and get support in this regard. Thanks to the new developments in mustache transplantation, you can have natural looking mustaches.

    During mustache transplantation, the hair follicles needed are usually taken from the nape area as in hair transplantation. However, if the person has enough hair follicles in the lower part of the beard area, this is the first choice. Because the hair follicles in the mustache should be a little hard. The process is completed by transplanting these hair roots one by one to the beard area. The most important issue here is that the hair follicles are transplanted without waiting and losing their functions. Since the FUE technique is used for mustache transplantation, hair roots can be taken from other parts of the body if necessary.

    Hair transplant centers also do mustache transplantation. Thanks to the FUE technique by experts, it is easy to create a natural and aesthetic mustache. Natural-looking mustache transplantation can be done with well-adjusted density and transplantation angles. Angle is important in mustache transplantation. For the naturalness of the transplanted hair follicles, it is important to transplant the lip with a sowing angle of 35-40 degrees.

    Although mustache transplantation is not as long, difficult and difficult as hair transplantation, there are fine details that need attention. First of all, this procedure should be done by a specialist plastic surgeon. At the same time, the team entering the mustache transplantation must be specialized in the field.

    Mustache transplantation should be done using single hair roots. The use of multiple hair follicles in the mustache area does not create an absolutely natural appearance. On the contrary, it causes an unattractive aesthetic appearance. As it is known during hair transplantation, hair roots are transplanted into the opened channels. This is not suitable for mustache transplantation. If the hair follicles are planted in the canals in the mustache, the naturalness is lost. It also causes unwanted gaps in the mustache. Instead, hair roots should be planted in the holes drilled in the area using special thin needles.

    The amount of hair follicle to be used for mustache transplantation also depends on how often the person wants a mustache. If there are no gaps in the mustache area such as burn marks, scars, surgical scars, 100 hair roots will meet the needs of the person. It meets the need for 350-400 hair roots in someone with a very sparse mustache. Those who have no mustache will require 800-1000 hair roots.

    Mustache transplant

    Is there an age limit for those who want

    For a mustache transplant, it is appropriate to wait until the age of 21 for men. Mustaches in men begin to sweat from the age of 15, as the mustache becomes prominent until the age of 18. The male hormone is responsible for the growth of mustache. This hormone balance ensures that the mustache grows in a healthy way. There is no need for an outside intervention for this. If there is no problem with the hormone, if there are hair follicles, there is no problem such as a man’s mustache not growing. There is no need to use externally medicines, herbal products, creams. The age of 21 condition for mustache transplantation is for the development of mustache at work. In addition, mustache transplantation can be performed at any age if the person has a corner, no mustache or scarring in this area. There is also no upper age limit for mustache transplantation.

    Mustache transplant

    Can mustache transplantation be done according to the person's request?

    Before the person who will have a mustache transplantation, before the transplantation begins, a pencil marking is made on the face of the mustache area. Mustache transplantation is done following this drawing. If the wishes of the person are taken into account during this marking, a mustache transplant is already done according to the person’s request. During this process, the experience of the expert must also contribute. One should also heed the expert advice. In order to be satisfied with the result of the mustache transplantation, a mustache should be created on the face of the person.

    The hair follicles that make up the whiskers must be hard. Thin and soft hair follicles look clumsy in the mustache. It definitely does not give a mustache appearance. It would be more appropriate to take the hair follicles to be used for mustache from the lower part of the beard instead of the nape. If the beard area of ​​the person is also weak in terms of hair follicles, the second choice should be the neck area.

    Every comfort of the person is considered for mustache transplantation. In order to avoid pain during this operation, local anesthesia is applied to the area where the mustache and hair follicles are taken. For this reason, the person who has a mustache transplant does not feel pain, pain or even aching. After the planting is over, there is no pain. Pain medications prescribed by the doctor can be used for mild pains that may occur.

    Does a mustache transplant leave a scar on the face?

    After the mustache transplantation is completed, there may be a rash on the person’s face. However, it is because of intervention in this area. Since it is a temporary situation, it should not be a problem. Since the FUE method is used during mustache transplantation, hair follicles are not removed by incision. Hair roots are taken one by one and transplanted one by one in the same way. Therefore, there are no problems such as scars and cut marks on the face. One week after the mustache transplantation, the face of the person regains a natural appearance.

    Mustache transplant

    post recovery

    Since the mustache transplantation is done with the FUE method, there is a comfortable healing process for the patients. There is no pain in this process. When people rest for 2-3 days, they can continue their normal lives as if they had never had this procedure. It is to consult a doctor about cutting the hair follicles planted in the mustache area. Care should be taken especially during the first shave.

    After the mustache transplantation, hair follicles will be spilled. This usually happens over a period of 2-8 weeks. You don’t need to be nervous for this. Hair transplant, mustache transplant, etc. As with transactions, this is an expected result. Since there are no hair follicles falling out, they will start growing again. It takes an average of 6-12 months to see the new mustache shape. When the mustaches are in order, you will be surprised by this naturalness.

    Mustache transplant

    What are the prices?

    Mustache transplant prices are not standard. It is determined by the amount of hair follicles needed in the mustache area of ​​the person. Since the need for hair follicles will be different for everyone, a standard price cannot be determined for this. The price that a person with a sparse mustache would pay would not be the same as someone with a corner, that is, no mustache. In addition, the experience of the specialist who will do mustache transplantation is a factor that affects the prices. It is best to consult a beard transplant center and get a price according to their situation.

    Mustache Transplantation

    If there is hair loss or no hair growth on the upper lip, which is the mustache area in men, the definitive treatment is to have a mustache transplant. Hair follicles are planted in the area where no hair grows in the mustache area and a mustache transplantation is performed. The hair follicles used for this process are taken from the neck. In mustache transplantation using the FUE technique, hair follicles are taken one by one with fine punches. It is planted in the empty area in the mustache area.

    The hair follicles planted in the mustache area fulfill their functions with the same features. It grows just like hairs. Therefore, they should be shortened at certain intervals after the mustache transplantation. During mustache transplantation, in order for the hair follicles to be well nourished, it should not be planted close and the frequency of planting should be paid attention to. If there is sparseness in the area after the hair roots grow after the transplantation, the desired frequency can be achieved by repeating the mustache transplantation.

    Thanks to the mustache transplantation, problems such as burn marks, scars, open areas due to spillage, and surgical scars can be eliminated. The area can be closed almost completely to camouflage these problems. The method to be preferred during mustache transplantation must be the FUE technique. More successful results can be obtained with this method. If the tips are used as thin as possible, there will be no scar on the planting area. During the mustache transplantation, the determining the frequency and limits of the transplantation is the person himself. If the person has no mustache, when 1000 hair follicles are transplanted, the corner appearance in the area improves. However, if the person has a dense mustache, hair root transplantation will be more frequent. If the FUE technique is used during mustache transplantation, a natural appearance can be obtained. As often as desired to the person,

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can a mustache transplant be done to someone with a corner?

    A cornered person is that there is no hair root in his mustache. If you want to get rid of this problem, the only solution is to have a mustache transplant. If the person has enough hair follicles to be transplanted, a mustache can be transplanted to someone with a corner.

    If there are permanent scars in the mustache area, are they covered with a mustache transplant?

    Hairless areas will be formed in the mustache area in case of both surgical scars, burns and scars. During mustache transplantation, these marks can be camouflaged in a planned manner. The transplanted hair follicles are adjusted to cover these traces and transplanted.


    How is recovery after a mustache transplant?

    After the mustache transplantation is completed, the hair follicles transplanted will fall out within 2-8 weeks. This is a situation experienced after every transplant. It takes 6-12 months to see the new state of mustache. Since the hair loss is only about breaking, hair follicles will grow again.


    Which method is more advantageous for mustache transplantation?

    As in hair transplantation, the FUE method is more advantageous than the FUT method in mustache transplantation. Among these methods, there is only a difference in the way hair follicles are taken. In the FUT technique, the hair follicles are taken from the area where the hair follicle will be taken, by making a strip incision. In the FUE method, hair follicles are collected one by one with thin tips without incision. It is easy for patients to recover and there is no scarring problem.

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