Flora Klinik


Medical tourism is the description for all kinds of services provided for terms of treatment and rehabilitation. Today, people living in developed and wealthy countries prefer to be treated in developing countries for various reasons (waiting time, cheaper treatment or better health care). Turkey is a developing country that has proved its worth in this respect and is therefore preferred by foreign patients. Some of the advantages of our organization are:


– Free medical exam

– Free VIP Transfer

– Hotel reservation

– Free consultation

– Contract hospitals

– Interpreting services


Once you have contacted our organization, you will receive an appointment and at the time of your arrival you will be picked up at the airport by a VIP transfer for free, which transports you to your hotel or to the medical exam. If you request, we can book your hotel on your behalf.


After the necessary medical examinations and check-ups, you will receive all the information about the treatment you need from our specialists.


Depending on the method to be used, you may have to stay a few days after the operation, but you can stay at your hotel or take part in excursions during this time. Our consultants will be happy to help you if you need help and support about this.


Our organization works with fully equipped and modern hospitals and depending on your treatment and of course your choice we will choose a contracted hospital for you.


It is quite normal that you do not know the language of our country and therefore we can offer translation services if required.


When you are discharged after the treatment, we will take you to the airport with a free VIP transfer and our team of experts and our consultants will continue to communicate during the recovery period. If necessary, we can arrange a visit to our contract doctors abroad and carry out the necessary controls during your recovery period.