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Gynecomastia is breast growth that can occur in both men and women. This discomfort usually shows up with obesity, but due to imbalances induced by hormones or the effect of certain drugs, such a situation may occur. This discomfort usually occurs in adolescence and disappears again after a while. If the disorder should become permanent at a later age, it can be treated with gynecomastia.


If a patient has a complaint about gynecomastia, a test is performed to determine if there is a hormonal disorder and the patient is examined for health. In addition, the suspicion of a malignant mass should be taken into consideration, after which examination and treatment should be applied.


Since breast growth in men is mainly due to fatty tissue, the treatment usually has similar characteristics as liposuction. Excess body fat is removed subcutaneously through large and thin needles (or thin tubes) called ” cannulas “. For the application of liposuction, 2-4 small incisions have to place in order to perform the procedure. In some cases, when excess fatty tissue is not removed by liposuction, the remaining excess tissue can be removed with an incision under the nipple.


If breast growth is at an advanced stage and/or causes sagging, excess skin and tissue should be removed and the nipple should be placed where it is located naturally. This method is similar to breast reduction in women and is applied with almost inconspicuous incisions around the nipple and the lower breast area.


Both methods are performed under general anaesthesia. The area of the body to be treated is also anaesthetised during the operation. For this reason, the patient does not feel any pain when he wakes up and when discharged after the operation. The pain felt during the following healing process is similar to muscle pain after exercise and is compensated by light painkillers. During the recovery phase after the operation, a supportive corset should be worn for about 6 weeks, in order to accelerate the healing process. Although the results can be seen immediately after the operation, the real effect of the procedure can be seen after about 3 months.

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