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Gynecomastia in Istanbul

It is the name given to the growth of the male breast and the appearance of a female breast due to various factors. Gynecomastia, which can be evaluated as a symptom rather than a disease, is one of the most common breast problems in men. One out of every 18 men in the world faces the problem of gynecomastia. It is in the form of a rubbery and hard mass that starts from the nipple and spreads to the whole breast. This mass can sometimes grow larger in one breast than the other. The growing tissue is not adipose tissue, but grandular tissue, which is a glandular gland. This is why it is often confused with pseudogynomastia, another breast size disorder. However, breast size in pseudogincomastia is caused by the development of adipose tissue in the breast due to obesity. Therefore, the two symptoms differ with many differences.

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    What are the Types in Turkey?

    Grandular Gynecomastia
    Fatty Type Gynecomastia
    Mixed Type Gynecomastia

    It is breast growth that occurs with the development of tissue that is called grandular tissue, which is used for milk production in women but does not show such an effect in men. It is seen that gynecomastia usually occurs in this type.

    It is the type in which there is no increase in the mammary gland, namely grandular tissue, does not result from obesity, and only fat is observed in the breast area. Frequent weight gain and alcohol consumption are effective in the emergence of this type of gynecomastia.

    It is the type in which both grandular gynecomastia and fatty type gynecomastia are seen together.

    Grandular Gynecomastia

    It is breast growth that occurs with the development of tissue that is called grandular tissue, which is used for milk production in women but does not show such an effect in men. It is seen that gynecomastia usually occurs in this type.

    Fatty Type Gynecomastia

    It is the type in which there is no increase in the mammary gland, namely grandular tissue, does not result from obesity, and only fat is observed in the breast area. Frequent weight gain and alcohol consumption are effective in the emergence of this type of gynecomastia.

    Mixed Type Gynecomastia

    It is the type in which both grandular gynecomastia and fatty type gynecomastia are seen together.

    What Are The Reasons Of Gynecomastia (Breast Growth)?

    In breast augmentation applications, there are three main places where prostheses will be placed. Prostheses can be placed under the breast muscle membrane (under the membrane), above or below the breast muscle. Naming in the placement of prosthesis is made according to the chest muscle called pectoral muscle.

    Hormone Imbalance

    The main factor that causes gynecomastia is hormonal imbalance. Estrogen, which is a female hormone, is also secreted at a certain rate in men. However, when this secretion is excessive, hormone imbalance may occur. Estrogen can suppress the male hormone. Another condition that causes hormonal imbalance is low secretion. Hormonal imbalances can be seen in both male babies, adolescents and elderly men.

    Being a Newborn

    Since the estrogen hormone passes from the mother to the baby through the placenta, the female hormone can be observed in the baby a while after birth. However, this situation is temporary. It will disappear after a few weeks.


    Men may experience hormone imbalance during the transition from childhood to adolescence. Less or more estrogen may be secreted. Although breast enlargement affects the psychology of adolescent men, most of the time this situation passes with age. Because hormones are balanced over time. Therefore, breast enlargement is normal in male adolescents.


    As the male body ages, it begins to secrete estrogen instead. In addition, since the body is more prone to fat in men aged 50 and above, estrogen hormone can be secreted excessively and thus gynecomastia can easily occur.

    Medication Side Effects

    Heart disease drugs, anti-ulcer drugs, AIDS drugs, drugs prescribed for the treatment of prostate cancer, antidepressants, anti-anxiety, antibiotics, diuretic drugs used in the treatment of hypertension and ACE inhibitor drugs can cause breast tissue growth and thus gynecomastia. At the same time, chemotherapy can cause breast growth in men.

    Anabolic Steroids

    Some men use drugs that mimic the effects of the male hormone, that is, to stimulate the development of tissues by increasing protein synthesis in cells to improve the body. These drugs can often cause gynecomastia.


    Breast enlargement may occur as kidney failure, liver disease, testicular and pituitary gland tumors, klinefelter syndrome, hyperthyroidism, pituitary insufficiency, hunger and malnutrition occasionally cause hormonal imbalance.


    Tea tree and lavender extract, found in skin care ingredients, soaps or shampoos, can increase the secretion of estrogen, the female hormone, causing breast enlargement.


    What Should Be Done to Prevent?

    Breast growth in men is a hormonal condition. However, taking some precautions will minimize the risk of gynecomastia. The most basic measures to be taken to prevent gynecomastia, that is, to keep hormones regular; It is a healthy diet, sleep pattern and sports routine. Alcohol should not be consumed too much, drugs should not be used, fast food meals and poor quality foods should be avoided. If the patient thinks that any medication he uses causes breast enlargement, he should inform his doctor. In addition, he should try to avoid other factors that will cause hormonal disorders.


    Who Is It Seen?

    Gynecomastia is seen in men with hormonal imbalances in their bodies. Generally, this symptom is observed in three years of age; infancy, adolescence and old age. Estrogen in newborn males originates from the mother and will decrease after a few weeks. During puberty, the hormones in the male body will try to find their balance and will normalize over time. Therefore, no intervention is usually required for these age groups. However, since estrogen increases continuously in old age, breast growth will occur and this will not improve unless an operation is performed.


    Symptoms, Examination and Diagnosis

    Breast augmentation methods are basically divided into two. The first and most preferred one is the enlargement of breasts with the help of silicone prostheses. Another method of breast augmentation is to add fat tissues taken from the person’s own body structure to the chest area.

    However, today, when the most suitable silicone for breast structure is preferred, the silicone method that gives extremely natural results; It is a common, easy and fast solution.


    Why Should It Be Treated in Turkey Istanbul?

    Silicones used in breast augmentation operations can be divided into two groups in general terms. The first of these are dispersion silicones. Dispersion silicones are silicones with a more curved lower part and a lower upper part, extremely close to the natural breast appearance. Dispersion silicones are also known as drop silicon due to their shape similarity. Dispersion silicones are also called anatomical silicone, as the use of dispersion silicone gives the closest result to nature in people with a small breast structure and relatively thin skin.

    The upper and lower parts of the round silicones that make up the second group are symmetrical. These silicones, which give the breasts a more rounded and fully curved appearance, are preferred in patients whose breasts are not very small and whose skin texture is more dense.

    Getting the best results in breast augmentation operations depends on the silicone to be chosen as much as the expert skill and experience. Therefore, the main actor in silicone selection should be your physical structure and silicone should adapt to your body in the most natural way.


    Treatment and Surgery

    Gynecomastia that occurs in the body of male babies and adolescents usually does not require any treatment, as it will normalize over time. Anyway, due to the risk of recurrence of gynecomastia, male individuals who have not completed their adolescence and whose testicle size has not reached adult size are not operated. However, an external intervention is required to solve these problems of elderly individuals. If the doctor thinks the gynecomastia is at the initial level, he / she may apply some treatment methods before the surgery. Early stages of gynecomastia can be prevented with drugs that adjust hormone imbalance. replacement and SERMs can be effective from time to time within the scope of drug therapy. However, in cases where these treatments are not sufficient, surgery may be required to remove excess breast tissue.

    Surgical intervention is performed in the operating environment. General anesthesia or local (regional) anesthesia can be applied depending on the doctor’s approval and the patient’s condition. In the surgery, which varies from 30 minutes to 2 hours, if the patient has fatty gynecomastia, fat tissue is removed with liposuction treatment. In liposuction treatment, no incision is made on the skin. The holes where liposuction cannulas will enter are opened and closed with a single stitch at the end of the operation. However, if grandular or mixed type gynecomastia is seen, excess breast tissue is removed by making a semicircular incision in the dark area of ​​the breast, namely the lower part of the nipple. This surgery is also called mastectomy. The recovery process of the patient after mastectomy is very easy and short.



    The patient can be discharged on the same day after the surgery or the next day. The incision is closed with a bandage. The patient is dressed in a special corset and is asked not to take it off for a week. Since the stitch is under the skin, there is no need to take stitches. Patients who can return to their normal lives within two to three days should avoid heavy movements. Particular attention should be paid to arm movements and sewing should not be forced. Places such as pool, sea, Turkish bath and sauna should not be entered for at least two weeks. If there is pain and discomfort in the area where the surgery is performed, simple painkillers can be used. The surgery scar should be protected from the sun for six months. Everything is free after six months.


    Operational and Post-Operative Problems

    Gynecomastia surgery is known as a simple operation. It does not carry any risk and generally gives extremely successful results. It is normal to have edema, pain and bruises after surgery and will pass over time, although it is uncomfortable. In fact, no edema or bruises are encountered in this healing process in patients who are applied liposuction treatment. Since the incision scar will be kept in the breast line, there is no discomfort in the image. Occasionally, blood collection, chest irregularity, numbness, tingling and skin discoloration after liposuction treatments can be seen. In such cases, the patient should consult his doctor. In addition, if the hygiene of the incision site is not taken care of, the operation area may become infected. If heavy movements are made, sewing may be difficult. Following the surgery, strictly applying what the doctor says will help you in the healing process.

    Flora Clinic

    With Your Expert Staff in Turkey Istanbul

    Expert and experienced staff of Flora Clinic in the diagnosis and treatment process of gynecomastia; It will ensure you get the result you want and will always be with you to achieve the image you dream of. You can contact us to ask all you wonder about gynecomastia.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is breast growth dangerous in adult men?

    Breast enlargement in adult males carries a higher risk than the onset of puberty. It is useful to evaluate these cases in terms of breast cancer. Unfortunately, breast cancer in men can be delayed because breast cancer is perceived as a type of cancer specific to women only.

    Does it recur after gynecomastia surgery?

    Normally, patients who are treated as gynecomastia surgery do not experience breast growth problems again. But this is not certain. Factors such as excessive weight gain of the patient can also lead to breast enlargement. Because the most common type of breast growth is caused by adipose tissue.

    When should gynecomastia surgery be performed in children?

    The problem of breast enlargement in men usually starts at the age of 13-15. Most of these cases begin to resolve spontaneously within 1-2 years. Therefore, it should not be rushed for breast growth treatment. Whether breast growth regresses or not should be followed up by waiting for a while. However, breast growth should not be neglected. If there is progress, treatment should be started.

    What should be taken into consideration in gynecomastia treatment plan?

    During the examination of the patient, the nipple sagging, excess skin in the breast, the ratio of hard and fat tissue in the breast, and the area of ​​the brown part of the nipple are evaluated by the plastic surgeon. The history of the patient is listened, and his age and general health are evaluated. In the treatment of gynecomastia, the patient’s preferences are also evaluated, and the most appropriate treatment option for the type of growth is preferred. Endoscopic or open surgery can be used in grandular growth that creates a hard mass, and classical liposuction or laser liposuction methods can be used for fat tissue growth. In some cases, these methods can be combined. All kinds of factors are taken into consideration when treating patients. If it is thought that the excess skin will recover after the treatment, it is expected that the skin will recover by removing the fat tissue. If the skin is too much to recover, open surgery is applied to remove the excess skin. In the treatment performed in this way, surgery scar remains depending on the excess skin taken.

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