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Fue Hair Transplantation

Hair loss is a problem that affects women, and especially men. There can be several reasons for hair loss. Genetic factors, stress, malnutrition, weight problems, pregnancy and breastfeeding, use of various medications are among the most important reasons. The best method used to solve these problems is hair transplantation, which offers a permanent solution. Other methods than hair transplantation cannot provide a permanent solution to hair loss. In order to get rid of hair loss and hair problems throughout life, hair transplantation should be preferred. Thanks to new methods, it is possible to have a painless and scarless hair transplant.


The most commonly used methods in hair transplantation are the FUT and FUE methods. The FUE technique (Follicular Unit Extraction) provides successful results over a long period of time without surgical intervention. This method contains of removing the hair follicles between the two ears from the back of the head and then to place them into tiny channels at the front of the head where there is no more hair is called FUE. Since the amount of hair that can be planted at the same time with this method is low, it takes more time than the FUT method. When this method is used, however, the hair follicles are not removed together with the skin as with the FUT method, so that no scars remain.


The FUE method is performed by removing hair follicles from the donor region behind the head. Local anaesthesia is applied to avoid the pain that can occur when hair follicles are removed. The hair follicle or grafts as they are called in medicine literature are removed from the donor area and then applied one by one to the area to be treated. This process takes more time than the FUT method. The daily capacity of the FUT method is 6000 – 7000 hairs per session, while with the FUE method, as every single hair is applied individually, the daily capacity is limited to 4000 – 5500 hairs.


In about 2-6 weeks after the hair transplantation the transplanted hair seems to fall out. After this stage, hair growth con be observed again. Very rarely, some patients do not experience the hair loss phase. So, it takes about 8-10 months to see the results of a hair transplantation. In this process, as the hair grows, the strands of the hair also thicken. People with a hair transplant should therefore be patient until they see the real results.





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  1. Ballard says:

    to authorized person,
    Im 30 years old and Im having hair loss problem for 8 years I want to have hair transplantationoperation but would it look natural and my scalp type is oily before the operation do you have any PRP treatment?

    • Flora Klinik says:

      Hello Ballard; you talk with us in the whatsapp in that number 0090 552 436 80 95
      to give you all details and information about your surgery.thank to contact with us .

  2. Nicky H. says:

    a year past since hair transplantation operation and again I got my hair back I would like to thank everyone

    • Flora Klinik says:

      Hello Nicky you talk with us in the whatsapp in that number 0090 552 436 80 95
      to give you all details and information about your surgery.thank to contact with us .

  3. Therry says:

    except istanbul traffic everything was great your are really successful on health and hair transplantation treatments I recommend everyone around me your institution even my cousine will come to swedish clinic on summer the best part of is that we have no hesitation thanks for everything my regards to mr. semih and ms. alev. Next summer I will visit you with chocolates

  4. Williams says:

    We, 2 friends from Germany came to the Flora Clinic for hair transplantation process. We have not guessed that everything will be so easy and great. Everything was perfect. Although we come from abroad, we never felt that we are strangers. Thank you so much for everything. Koln

  5. nick says:

    I am interested in the hair transplant, can you send me a quote please and information

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