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FUE Hair Transplant

Satisfactory results can be obtained thanks to Flora Clinical FUE hair transplantation, which provides hair transplantation against hair loss that can be caused by many different factors such as psychological reasons, injuries or vitamin deficiencies. Thanks to today’s advanced hair transplantation techniques, patients can continue their lives from where they left off after a 3 to 10-day rest after the operation.

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    FUE Hair Transplant

    Who Can Have Hair Transplantation?

    The purpose of hair transplantation is to integrate the healthy hair or hair grafts taken from a certain point of the body into the area where the hair is missing, by technological means, to give him a natural hair appearance. The operation takes 6-8 hours depending on the area to be transplanted. Hair transplantation is a procedure that can be applied to patients over the age of 20, regardless of male or female. It is generally preferred by men due to baldness, but it is performed not only in baldness but also in hair loss and thinning.

    The surgeon who will perform FUE hair transplantation must perform a correct operation both in terms of health and aesthetics. It meets this need with experienced surgeons.

    FUE Hair Transplant

    How to Prepare Before the Operation?

    Before the hair transplantation, the situation in the operation area is examined by the surgeons with modern technological tools. Then, the condition of baldness, the structure of the hair grafts, the number of grafts (hair grafts) to be used in the operation, the duration of the operation and the line line in the area to be operated are determined. It is the front hairline that makes hair transplantation natural. While creating the front hairline, Da Vinci’s face line is taken as basis. According to da Vinci’s facial line, the distance between the hairline and the eyebrows constitutes one-third of the face. The front hairline is made in “V” and “U” shapes.

    For patients who will have a hair transplant operation, it should be discontinued as a blood thinner at least 10 days before the operation day. Factors such as the amount of hepatitis B and C in the blood, the amount of sugar, and the coagulation rate of the blood should also be taken into account by performing a blood test before the operation. In addition, smoking and alcohol should be avoided before hair transplantation.

    How is FUE Hair Transplantation Performed?

    Hair transplantation is a procedure that is applied with local anesthesia, lasts for an average of 5-8 hours and does not feel pain. The technique applied with the latest technology used today is the FUE (Folicular Unite Exraction) technique. The FUE technique is a seamless and scar-free application. The process takes place in 4 stages:

    1. Anesthesia Stage

    First of all, the person’s hair is shaved. Afterwards, local anesthesia is applied.

    2. Collection of Hair Grafts to Be Implanted

    Healthy hair grafts are taken one by one from the neck or behind the ear. If deemed necessary depending on the size of the area to be transplanted, grafts can be taken from the chest or arm area. Since the hair grafts collected individually with the FUE method cause much less damage than other methods, the healing process takes less time.

    3. Opening Channels in the Planting Area

    These are the channels opened for each hair grafts to be planted according to the natural growth direction of the hair and the thickness of the hair grafts in the direction of the front hairline determined before the application.

    4. Transplanting Hair Grafts into the Canal

    In the last stage, hair grafts are placed in the opened channels. The area is covered with a bandage after transplantation. The patient is discharged within a few hours.

    What are the Differences and Advantages of FUE Hair Transplant Technique?

    In the FUT technique, another method, transplantation takes place with the hair section extracted with the complete skin. Since there are incisions and stitches in this method, the recovery time is longer and there may be a scar. However, since the advanced technology FUE method is a procedure performed directly on hair grafts, it is a method that is resolved without stitches and the healing process is much faster. Apart from that, the advantages are as follows:

    • Since it is transplanted one by one, it provides a comfortable working area suitable for the face structure of the person in the shaping process. As a result, a more aesthetic and natural appearance occurs.
    • The pain rate of the patient decreases to a minimum in the FUE technique.
    • The possibility of hair loss after transplantation is very low. A success rate close to 100% is achieved with the FUE technique.

    What Should Be Considered After Fue Hair Transplantation?

    • The operation area should be carefully protected for at least 10 days and care should be taken against impacts.
    • Hair washing can be performed 1-3 days after the operation. Before washing, softening creams can be applied to soften the dried crusts.
    • Care should be taken to remove the scabs seen after hair transplantation within 10 days.
    • You should stay away from places such as the sea, pool, solarium for 10 days, and do not do sports for the first 7-10 days to prevent sweating.
    • Dermatological products and shampoos given by the doctor should be used until the scabs disappear at the end of the hair transplantation, and normal shampoo should be used after the scabs have passed.
    • It is common to see dandruff in hair transplantation. Against this situation, shampoos containing ketekenazole should be used.
    • Shaving should be avoided for the first month after the operation.
    Istanbul Fue Hair Transplant

    How Long Is The Recovery Time After The Operation?

    The patient can be discharged 1-2 hours after FUE hair transplantation. It takes between 1 year and 18 months to obtain 100% results from hair transplantation. Clots and crusting are observed in the hair grafts transplanted on the first postoperative day. Shock shedding begins between the 15th day and the 20th day and ends between 45 days and two months. In this period, acne and dandruff are observed until the end of the 3rd month. After the shock shedding in the 4th month, real hair starts to grow. Hair strands are very thin until the 5th month. In the 7th month, there is a thickening and increase in the hair strands. There should be 70-80% hair formation in the process that progresses in its normal course. In the 1st year, the hair strands are of the required thickness and the natural appearance begins to form.

    FUE Hair Transplant

    How Much are Hair Transplant Prices in Istanbul?

    It is not possible to specify a fixed price range for hair transplant prices. Hair transplant prices vary according to the person to be treated. In addition to the area and method to be applied, hair transplantation prices vary depending on professional factors such as the expertise of the surgeon to perform the application. For this reason, a personalized examination must first be made for an accurate price information.

    Most Wondering About Hair Transplantation

    The method of applying the technique is as important as the technique applied in hair transplantation. Determining the hair transplantation area suitable for the person, opening the channels according to the direction of hair growth, and the quality of the materials used during transplantation are some of the factors that directly affect the success of the procedure.

    • Since the transplanted hair is completely taken from your natural and solid hair grafts, it does not fall out except for any illness or accident.
    • Hair transplantation can be done in one or more times depending on the width of the area to be transplanted.
    • It is normal to feel pain for a few days after hair transplantation. You can have a comfortable process with mild painkillers given by your doctor.
    • Hair transplantation may not be applied for every person with hair loss. The specialist doctors of the Flora team make the right decision in this regard.
    • You can continue your normal life after hair transplantation. However, if you do not want to be outside during dressing, it may be necessary to rest for 3 to 10 days.
    • Transplanted hair grafts are completely removed at the end of a year.

    Flora offers a high level of service in hair transplantation with its professional staff and state-of-the-art equipment. You can contact Istanbul Flora Hair Transplantation Center for all your questions about hair transplantation and your hair transplantation status analysis.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is a natural appearance obtained after hair transplantation?

    A natural appearance can be achieved in hair transplantation, if a good planning is made, the hair front line is determined correctly, and a result that meets the expectations of the person after hair transplantation is obtained. The front hairline is the junction of the hairy area and the forehead. If this line is adjusted symmetrically with a laser pointer device, a look like the person’s own hair will be obtained. The appearance of the line should be symmetrical with triangular projections, like a broken line. The hair strands to be planted on this line should also be thin. If transplantation is performed on the front hairline with thick hair strands, a natural appearance cannot be obtained.

    Are there stitches after hair transplantation?

    People who will have hair transplantation do not want to go around with stitches. For this reason, their biggest hesitation may be about this when making a hair transplant decision. However, when FUE technique is used in hair transplantation, no incision and stitches are made in patients.

    How are the hair transplant prices determined? Is there a fixed price?

    There cannot be a standard price in hair transplantation and it cannot be at an approximate price. The reason for this is that there are various factors that will affect hair transplantation prices. First of all, hair transplant prices vary from person to person. Various factors such as the frequency and quality of the hair strands of the person, where the hair transplantation will be performed, which method will be used, the expertise of the surgeon who will perform the hair transplantation, the experience and the expertise of his team are important in determining the prices. Therefore, those who want to have hair transplantation should go to a successful hair transplant center and ensure that the appropriate prices are determined for them.


    Are age and head structure important in determining the hairline?

    The front hairline should be determined during hair transplantation according to the age of the person. It would not be right to give a person who is 50 years old to look like 25 years old. The hair loss rate and type of the person should be taken into consideration in planning.

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