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The first signs of aging on the face are most evident around the eyes. The droopy eyelid, bags and wrinkles that occur over time cause the person to look tired, older and unhealthy. Eyelid aesthetics is one of the most preferred operations to achieve a much more vigorous appearance. This method, which is frequently used for health as well as improving aesthetic appearance, is an effortless process that can benefit both women and men.

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    What is aesthetics?

    Eyelid aesthetic; In addition to being a process that covers the deformations and loss of function that occur over time in the lower and upper eyelids, it is a type of aesthetic that helps the eye area look younger and healthier. The operations to be performed around the eyes are called eyelid surgery.

    In Which Situations Is Eyelid Aesthetics Performed in Turkey?

    Eyelid aesthetics can be done by aiming a better appearance, or it can be done to solve some health problems. Some of the reasons why eyelid aesthetics are preferred are as follows:

    • Congenital factors that make it difficult to see,
    • Lumps and sagging in the upper eyelid
    • Under-eye bags,
    • Image deformations caused by other diseases.

    What Should Be Considered Before Eyelid Aesthetics?

    As in every operation, there are important points to be considered before the procedures to be performed on the eyelids. These steps can be listed as follows:

    • Informing your doctor about regularly used medicines,
    • Interrupting blood thinners and discontinuing the use of vitamin E and green tea with this feature until one week before surgery,
    • Evaluating factors such as hypertension and thyroid diseases that may pose a risk for surgery,
    • In addition to the general health checks, checking the health condition of the eye, especially if there is any, and telling your doctor about problems such as eye pressure or dryness.

    How To Make Aesthetics in Istanbul?

    The operations to be performed on the upper and lower eyelids are evaluated by considering the different structures of the relevant regions and in accordance with the requirements of the region to be treated. In the case of upper eyelid aesthetics, eyebrows and forehead are also included in the operation process. After the drawings, the amount of muscle and skin to be taken is determined. The sagging in this area is tried to be removed by removing excess skin. If necessary, eyebrows are lifted in accordance with the structure of the new eyelid.

    Under-eye bags are one of the most complained issues and interventions in this area are included in the lower eyelid surgery. While the process can be completed by removing the excess fat formed in this area as a result of your doctor’s evaluation, additional touches can be made to ensure that the under eye area is in harmony with your cheek structure.

    If the operation is to be performed only on the upper eyelid, local anesthesia is usually preferred. The procedure takes less time than lower eyelid aesthetics. Eyelid aesthetics can be done on both the upper lid and the lower lid at the same time as a result of the necessary examinations. The type of anesthesia to be chosen is determined by considering the patient’s condition, as deemed appropriate and recommended by the doctor.


    Will There Be Any Trace After The Aesthetics?

    Especially after the surgical procedures performed on the face, the most curious issue of the patients is whether there will be any traces on their faces. It is normal to have scars as a result of the interventions performed and the people who will be operated should act with this awareness. The scars differ according to the procedure to be made, the skin texture and structure of the person. Of course, the aim is to ensure that the scar that will arise after the procedure remains as vague and subtle as possible. For this, the natural curves of the patient around the eyes are taken as basis when determining the incision sites. The color differences that occur after the operation usually begin to look more natural in accordance with the skin color of the person within a few months.


    Who Is Suitable For Aesthetics?

    Factors such as aging, environmental and genetic factors, and smoking cause the skin to lose its elasticity. Sagging on the face also manifests itself in the eyelids. Anyone who has problems with the eye area can have eyelid aesthetics. Problems in the eyelids can manifest themselves independently of factors such as aging. If these problems have reached a level that will affect the person’s vision, there is no obstacle for surgery.

    These operations can be performed on both women and men, and there are patients in the risk group in both groups. Special follow-up is required in cases such as heart disease, high blood pressure and thyroid diseases. The more important it is to evaluate the general health status of the patient before the operation, the more important it is for the person to be operated on to have information about the subject throughout the entire process.

    What is the Recovery Process After the Operation?

    The pain that may occur after eyelid aesthetics should be considered natural, mild pains are possible. It is possible to pass the surgery more comfortably with the painkillers prescribed by your doctor. With some steps that patients will take into account after the application, the recovery period can be quite efficient:

    • Eyes should not be rubbed for 24 hours after the operation.
    • It should be ensured that bandages and dressings are taken under the supervision of a doctor.
    • If bruises or swelling occur in the relevant area, ice can be placed.
    • Before the recovery period is completed, movements that will strain the eye area and delay the recovery should be avoided.
    • It is recommended not to read magazines, books and newspapers for up to two days after the operation, and not to drive for up to five days.
    • It is important for patients to protect their eyes from sunlight and artificial lights. Sunglasses can be used.
    • It is necessary to take a one-week break from lens use after surgery.

    Is The Aesthetic Effect Long-Lasting?

    If you are satisfied with the result after the interventions on the upper or lower eyelids and you want this look to be with you for longer periods of time, there are small details you need to pay attention to. Quitting smoking, avoiding excessive facial expressions, giving importance to sleeping patterns, using sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun, and not disrupting water consumption as well as adequate and balanced nutrition will help both your eye area and your whole body look more vigorous and healthy.


    Is Aesthetics Risky?

    Aesthetic interventions are also surgical procedures and, of course, have risks in themselves. Expert and experienced doctors can minimize the risk factors by making the necessary evaluations for the healthy progress of the process.


    Can I Take A Bath After The Procedure?

    On the second day after the operation, the hair can be washed provided that no water gets to the face and eyes. Taking a bath immediately is inconvenient and not recommended as it will be risky. It is healthier to wait four to five days for a bath.


    How Are The Prices Of Aesthetics Determined in Turkey?

    As with any aesthetic operation, the price of eyelid aesthetics is determined, taking into account the procedure, the patient’s condition and expectations. It is extremely wrong for people who want to have such operations to expect to achieve the best result with less costs. It is important for patients to do their research well and to determine what they really need by having preliminary interviews with doctors.

    Every aesthetic intervention planned to be performed requires knowledge, experience and expertise. In addition to its expert staff, Flora Clinic helps you to get the look you want by listening to your expectations. You can contact us to send your questions about eyelid aesthetics.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is eyelid aesthetics risky?

    Is eyelid aesthetics risky?
    If this aesthetic operation is planned and performed by a specialist surgeon, the risks may be neglected. There may be bruising and swelling effect for a few days after the operation. Temporary eyelid closing problems may occur. Due to the pomades to be used for the incision site, temporary vision problems may occur.

    Is eyelid aesthetics risky?

    Is eyelid aesthetics risky?

    If this aesthetic operation is planned and performed by a specialist surgeon, the risks may be neglected. There may be bruising and swelling effect for a few days after the operation. Temporary eyelid closing problems may occur. Due to the pomades to be used for the incision site, temporary vision problems may occur.


    Will eyelid aesthetics deteriorate later?

    After the eyelid aesthetics is done, the person should pay attention to some issues in order to protect their new appearance. In order to keep the lower and upper eyelids intact for a long time, some adjustments should be made in the lifestyle. They should not be careless in emotional situations and stop smoking and alcohol use. It should also find a cure for sleep problems. There is not much that can be done about genetic factors and gravity in eyelid aesthetics.


    What is the best age for eyelid aesthetics?

    These types of aesthetic applications are usually done with the loss of skin elasticity and the skin losing its youthful effect. These problems are usually experienced from the age of 35 if there is no genetic factor. This surgery can be performed on anyone who has problems with their eyelids after this age. Apart from this, in some special cases, surgery can be performed at an earlier age. Especially in cases of congenital droopy eyelid, surgery should be performed without waiting for age.

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