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Dermapen in Istanbul

Do you think skin spots, acne scars and color differences are unsolvable? Then meet with Dermapen skin application! With this application, it is possible to bid farewell to the most annoying skin problems easily and painlessly. You can also renew yourself with the method that activates the skin’s self-renewal feature, thus providing the solution of many cosmetic problems including wrinkles!

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    How to Apply in Istanbul?

    The skin is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before the application, which is based on opening controlled small wounds with minimal damage through micro needles on the skin. AF cleansing solution or applied to cleansed skin. Especially, it concentrates on defective parts of the skin and micro channels are opened here at frequent intervals. Through these channels, controlled wounds are opened under the skin, allowing products that were previously applied to the skin and triggered healing to pass under the skin more easily.
    The skin increases the blood flow in the area to close the opened wounds and begins to regenerate itself by using growth factors. Thus, the spots and scars on the skin become less visible in a short time.

    For Which Purposes Is Dermapen Used?

    Dermapen application, which is frequently preferred for removing skin spots and color unevenness, is also used for different skin problems. Dermapen usage purposes are as follows:

    • Providing a brighter and younger appearance to the skin,
    • To tighten large pores, to reduce the visibility of pores,
    • Normalizing the skin after skin-damaging diseases such as acne scars, chicken pox,
    • To eliminate the color differences around and around the eyes,
    • To reduce wrinkles in various areas of the face.

    What Should Be Considered After Application?

    Small bleeding and a burning sensation may occur on the skin after dermapen skin application. However, this condition and the accompanying pinkness will decrease in approximately 5 hours and disappear completely within 1-2 days. During this period, it is recommended to avoid applications such as hot shower, bath or solarium that may damage the skin. Another factor that should be considered after the application is to protect the skin from the sun. Protecting the skin, which has a healing process, from the harmful effects of the sun as much as possible and taking the precautions recommended by the application specialist increases the success of the procedure.

    Dermapen in Turkey

    It is a micro-needling device that triggers the natural healing mechanism of the skin by making hundreds of microscopic piercing on the skin surface. With this device, the top layer of the skin is reached without any damage, and the skin is provided with a fresh and healthy appearance. Selected as the best skin rejuvenation system in the USA in 2012, Dermapen is used to solve many skin problems in the hand and neck area, especially the face, by combining the beauty secrets used by Chinese princesses in ancient times with modern medicine.

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