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Cooltech Cryo Lipolysis in Istanbul

Various situations such as sitting for a long time, not doing sports, sleep disorders, and wrong eating habits cause excess fat to accumulate in certain areas. Thanks to the development of technology and our country’s adaptation to these developments, such excess fats are removed without surgery, even without the need for surgical applications, and people are provided with the aesthetic appearance they want as soon as possible. Cooltech cold lipolysis application is the most preferred method in this field and provides great success.

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    Cooltech Cryo Lipolysis

    What ?

    The Cooltech cold lipolysis method is applied by freezing and neutralizing the fat cells in the fatty areas where people are uncomfortable and complaining. This application is usually applied to the belly, hip, lower abdomen, legs, arms, hip and side areas called lifelines. The cold lipolysis method, which can be easily applied to people of all age groups, is one of the most effective treatment methods that aim to make a noticeable difference and reduce fat in a single session.

    Cold lipolysis application, which will allow you to get rid of your unwanted fat without pain and suffering, is preferred by people who are afraid of surgery, who do not have time for activities such as sports and exercise, and who have a busy schedule.

    Cold lipolysis, which is applied in about forty-five-minute sessions, is among the most effective and frequently preferred alternatives among non-surgical treatment methods. If you want to get rid of your excess fat in the fastest and most effective way, you can contact our aesthetic center and get information about cold lipolysis applications that have been done before.

    Cooltech Cryo Lipolysis

    How Is It Applied in Istanbul?

    Cold lipolysis is a treatment method that is applied to the abdomen, back, waist, belly, lower abdomen, sides, buttocks, hips, arms, legs and jowl area, which provides the most effective removal of excess fat. These sessions, which are applied to every region and people of all age groups, are completed in an average of forty minutes to an hour. The basis of the cold lipolysis application is to heat the area to be applied to forty-five degrees and quickly cool down to minus five degrees.

    The application, which reduces the fat, also tightens the people due to the sudden temperature changes. The sessions, which are completed in a very safe and comfortable way, are definitely managed by expert consultants.

    Our consultants serving in our Flora Aesthetic center take care to complete the cold lipolysis applications by examining the patients’ problems in the most careful way. Cold lipolysis applications performed in our aesthetic center show its effect within a maximum of one month and serious thinning is observed in the body of the people. .

    Cooltech Cryo Lipolysis

    How Does The Regional Slimming Process Work?

    The arm of the device, which is specially designed for cold lipolysis applications, is placed in the area where fat freezing will be performed by attaching a suitable head to the application area. In order to protect the body, the area to be applied is determined in advance and protective wipes are placed in this area. Later, the device automatically vacuums the application area, vacuuming the skin and thus cooling the fat cells to lose their activity. During application, the gum cells in the application area are cooled to minus five to minus eleven degrees. During cold lipolysis, people do not feel any pain or discomfort, they only feel a slight pain in the first minutes due to cold.

    As the skin gets used to the application and cold, this pain that people feel disappears and the application is completed without any problems. After the application of cold lipolysis, the experts in our aesthetic center recommend the people who are treated to consume plenty of fluids. The most important reason for this is to ensure that the broken down and frozen fats are excreted with urine. Cold lipolysis applications, which can be applied to everyone except pregnant women, ensure that people can easily continue their daily lives at the end of the application and do not cause any negativity. People who want to get detailed information about our cold lipolysis applications can contact us via our phone numbers.

    Cooltech Cryo Lipolysis

    Application Prices in Turkey Istanbul

    Cold lipolysis application should be done by experts and a hygienic aesthetic center. The need level of the person treated with cold lipolysis causes the prices to become uncertain and a clear price cannot be given for the treatment. The prices of cold lipolysis applications, which are very effective in regional thinning, are determined in our aesthetic center by looking at the width of the application area, the number of applications, the application area and whether an extra treatment is required.

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