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Breast Size Reduction

Breast size is both an aesthetic problem and a health problem as well as it causes skin rashes, foot pressure and even back pain. In larger breasts there is also the possibility of sagging because they are too heavy. Breast reduction is done to reduce the size of the breasts, to tighten the sagging breasts, to remove excess fat tissue and to prevent sagging. This method is an aesthetic procedure that is very common in our country.


A health check is recommended before each breast operation. Breast reduction is performed under general anaesthesia and lasts 2-4 hours. Excess breast tissue and skin are removed from the lower half of the breast in the form of a cake piece and the remaining tissue is treated together with the skin. In order to do this, there has to be placed an incision under or around the nipple that may go down towards the lower part of the breast and from there to the left and right side of the breast in form of a “T”. Post-operative scars are not visible as they remain or around and below the nipple or under the breast.


In most of the breast reduction operations, the procedure is applied in such a way that the mammary glands are not damaged, i.e. the incision or operation that would endanger breastfeeding is not performed if it is not really necessary. At the same time, the procedure is performed in such a way, that the nerve endings of the nipples are not damaged, as it is an important purpose to maintain the specific sensation of the breast. However, if the size of the breast or the age of the patient requires such intervention, the procedure is performed in consultation with the patient and with her consent.


Usually the patient is hospitalized for one night after the operation and discharged the next day. Postoperative pain is minimal and can be treated with mild painkillers. Medical bandages are removed about 3-4 days after the operation and the patient can work again 4-7 days after the operation. A sports bra should be worn 3 weeks after surgery to support and accelerate the healing process.

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