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Breast Reduction

Breast & breast reduction surgeries aim to restore the appearance of people who are unhappy due to the size and appearance of their breasts by removing some of the oil and glands in the breast. The main goal is to shrink the breast and make it look desired. In addition to being aesthetically disturbing, breast size may also cause some health problems that make daily life difficult. The most common discomfort among these problems is severe back and spine pain. Occasionally, rashes occur under some large breasts, and this unpleasant situation reduces the quality of life of people. Anyone who tries to cope with such problems can choose breast reduction operations.

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    Breast Reduction

    Why Do Breasts Sag?

    This situation can have multiple reasons. Sometimes there may be reductions in the breast tissue due to hormonal and sometimes age. Over time, the empty breast begins to sag. Breast sagging is more common especially in mothers who have breastfed their children. Before breastfeeding, the breast is filled with milk and empties after breastfeeding. After this procedure, which is repeated many times, irreversible damage may occur on the skin of the breasts, and due to this damage, the breasts naturally begin to sag. Big breasts are affected faster by gravity. Over time, the posture of the breast changes and the nipples move down the fold line. In some people, the bond carrying the breast is congenitally weak. These ligaments cannot carry the breast and the breast starts to sag at an early age. Breast sagging, which is one of the most common problems experienced by women with large breasts, can also occur especially in the case of rapid weight gain. Breast reduction surgery not only reduces the breasts to the desired size, but also provides you with healthier and erect breasts.

    Breast Reduction

    What to Consider Before?

    Silicones used in breast augmentation operations can be divided into two groups in general terms. The first of these are dispersion silicones. Dispersion silicones are silicones with a more curved lower part and a lower upper part, extremely close to the natural breast appearance. Dispersion silicones are also known as drop silicon due to their shape similarity. Dispersion silicones are also called anatomical silicone, as the use of dispersion silicone gives the closest result to nature in people with a small breast structure and relatively thin skin.

    The upper and lower parts of the round silicones that make up the second group are symmetrical. These silicones, which give the breasts a more rounded and fully curved appearance, are preferred in patients whose breasts are not very small and whose skin texture is more dense.

    Getting the best results in breast augmentation operations depends on the silicone to be chosen as much as the expert skill and experience. Therefore, the main actor in silicone selection should be your physical structure and silicone should adapt to your body in the most natural way.

    Breast Reduction

    How Is The Surgery Applied in Turkey ?

    The method to be applied in breast reduction surgery, which is usually performed under general anesthesia, may vary depending on the characteristics of the patient and the breast. There are two different incision methods that are generally used to give the desired form to the chest. Options such as inverted T incision, lollipop, liposuction can be preferred according to both the patient’s request and the characteristics of the patient’s breast. Tissues revealing the deformity are removed from the breast with the incision made under the breast with an inverted T incision. It is adjusted so that the scar remains under the breast. In lollipop incision, the process takes place around the nipple. In this process, the scar is around the nipple. However, the scars that will occur in both operations are usually too little to be noticed. In addition, liposuction is an alternative for smaller corrections in cases where breast tissue is largely caused by adipose tissue. The method to be used during the planning is determined and the patient is informed about this issue. In order for the breast to reach the desired form, when the tissue removal process is completed, the incisions are closed with aesthetic stitches and the patient is taken to the recovery room. Immediately after the operation, the patient is put on a specially prepared bra. This bra, which accelerates the healing process, provides the desired shape of the breast, and protects the person from the impacts they may encounter in their daily life, is used for about 6 weeks.

    Breast Reduction

    Post Attention Points?

    As in all operations, it is of great importance for the healing process to follow the recommendations of your doctor and to perform the desired applications completely. Drugs that should be used after surgery should not be disrupted. You should rest for the period recommended by the doctor and avoid heavy physical activities. In some cases, doctors may use drains. Some movements are avoided until these drains are drawn. Dressing should be applied regularly. Weight should not be lifted for 5-6 weeks. Again, attention should be paid to the sleeping position during the healing process. It is not appropriate for the patient to lie on their breasts or face down for about 15 days.

    Breast Reduction

    Who Can Have the Surgery in Istanbul?

    Anyone over the age of 18 who is uncomfortable with the size of their breast can have this operation. Breast reduction surgery is an option for people whose breast size reduces the quality of daily life, who suffers from waist and back pain, and who are aesthetically disturbed by the appearance of the breast. However, if the person has diseases such as heart, vascular or diabetes, an analysis should be made regarding the risks that may arise and a suitable path should be chosen. Therefore, the chronic diseases you have will determine the map of the process. Although the person must be over the age of 18 for the surgery, this operation can be performed at a younger age in some special cases. Women considering pregnancy are recommended to have this operation after the breastfeeding process, considering the deformations that may occur during the breastfeeding process.

    Breast Reduction

    How Long Is The Recovery Time After?

    Swelling and edema that occur after this application, which takes approximately 2.5 hours, disappear within approximately 4 days. After the operation, the patient can stay in the hospital for 1 or 2 days. After leaving the hospital, patients are given a rest period of approximately 1 week. At the end of this process, people can quickly return to their daily lives with the effect of the special bra used. Doctor visits should be made regularly for dressing, control and removal of stitches, and breast control. The targeted appearance of the breast and full recovery occurs after approximately 3 menstrual periods. During this period, avoiding smoking, drinking plenty of water and eating healthy will accelerate the healing process. While light exercises such as walking can be started within 3 days after the operation, it may be necessary to wait about 3 weeks for heavy exercises.

    Breast Reduction in Turkey Istanbul

    What are the Advantages of the Surgery?

    While breast reduction operation aesthetically helps people to achieve the look they want, it also eliminates the health problems experienced by patients due to large breasts. Breasts that are disproportionately large to the person’s body can cause many problems such as posture disorders, waist and back pain, and diaper rash. With this operation, a healthier posture and painless life is achieved. People whose self-confidence is damaged by the uneasiness they feel due to their appearance, will overcome the psychological crisis they have experienced with their new appearance after the operation. Individuals who cannot move comfortably due to large breasts and who are stuck in certain patterns while choosing clothes feel more comfortable and happy in social life after reducing their breasts to the desired size. Sexual tensions arising from the size differences between the breasts, sagging due to size, and inability to move freely also disappear after the operation.

    With its experienced and expert staff, Flora Klinic is with you to get the look you dream of. You can contact us for anything you wonder about Breast & Breast Reduction.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does breast reduction cause cancer?

    Breast reduction surgery does not cause cancer in women. However, women should have regular cancer tests, especially from the age of 35-40. Before breast reduction, patients are recommended to have examinations such as mammography and ultrasound.

    Will there be any scars in breast reduction surgery?

    Breast reduction is a surgical procedure. In this intervention, the incision is opened to the breast and then the incision is closed with stitches. For this reason, there is a small scar in patients. After the operation, the scar, which is red pink, turns to a color close to the skin color over time. Therefore, a scar remains at the incision site, according to the surgical method such as I, L, T.

    Will the scars left from breast reduction surgery be visible on the bikini?

    Breast reduction operation is a surgical procedure performed due to both aesthetic concerns and physical problems. Therefore, it is inevitable to have scars after surgery. These scars become faint in about 1 year due to both the technique used and the carefully melting of the stitches. When planning the surgery, all kinds of aesthetic concerns of the patients are taken into consideration. Necessary planning is absolutely made so that the scars left from the operation remain under underwear and bikini. Patients do not need to be worried about this. Even if surgery is performed during the summer months, patients can make vacation plans after the recovery period.

    Will there be re-growth in breasts after surgery?

    In the breasts that are reduced by surgery, there may be some growth with hormonal effects, weight gain and pregnancy. Despite this, the breasts do not return to their pre-operative state. If necessary, a second operation can be performed on patients. This may be more common in breast reduction surgery performed at an early age.

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