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Breast Lifting

There are many reasons why breasts sag. This condition can sometimes be caused only by the structure of the breasts, sometimes it can develop due to age, obesity, rapid weight loss or pregnancy. Also, larger breasts can sag due to their mass and weight. In this case, the most effective thing to do is to have a breast lift surgery. While using this method, the sagging breast tissue is reshaped, the excess skin is removed, and the nipple is naturally fixed into the desired position. The aim is to tighten the breast, give it a symmetrical and natural appearance and help the person to regain self-confidence.


Applying this method does not have any negative effect on breast feeding if a person should have a child afterwards, what means that the woman can breastfeed comfortably. At the same time, this method ensures that the nerve endings of the nipple are not damaged, in order to maintain the specific feeling ability of the breast and the nipples. After this procedure, a small scar under the nipple might remain, which, depending on the individual case might become also a so-called lollipop scar, where the incision goes slightly from the nipple downwards.


A health check is recommended before all breast operations. The operation is performed under general anaesthesia and lasts 2-4 hours. The patient is discharged on the same day and can return home or might be kept in the hospital for one night for control purposes. Pain after the operation can be relieved with mild painkillers. About 3-4 days after the operation, the medical bandages are removed, and the patient can return to work about 4-7 days after the operation. A sports bra should be worn for 3 weeks after surgery to support and accelerate the healing process.

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