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Breast Lift

Breast lift operations; These are the operations that enable the breasts that are more sagging than normal due to environmental and physical effects to recover by surgical intervention and to remove the sagging appearance. The aim here is to remove the loose breast tissue and skin, to make the breast look younger again, and of course, the most important thing is to make the person feel beautiful. After the application, the chest looks much younger, recovered and upright.

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    Breast Lift in Istanbul

    What are the Methods?

    Breast lift surgeries are not limited to a single method and different techniques can be applied to get the best results. However, the main point here is the breast volume, the length of the sagging and the general physical structure.

    Apart from the problem of breast & breast sagging, if the breasts are smaller than normal, volume adding applications can be applied with the recovery process. By using the breast prosthesis, the volume lost to the breast form is restored and the breast is recovered and given an upright appearance. On the contrary, if there is a big breast problem in addition to breast sagging, this time the breast & breast will recover after volume reduction.

    Breast Lift

    What Are The Reasons Of Aesthetics?

    The most important factor that causes breast sagging is undoubtedly that the body and the skin lose their flexibility in time and lose their gravity. This sagging process, which starts with middle age, continues every year as you get older, and in some cases it can negatively affect the quality of life of the person. Apart from this temporal effect; pregnancy, childbirth and especially breastfeeding are among the most important causes of breast & breast sagging.

    Factors such as gaining and losing weight frequently or more than normal, physical predisposition or not doing regular sports also cause the body to lose its elasticity.

    How To Make Breast Lift Aesthetics Preparations?

    • Before deciding on breast & breast lift aesthetics, you should definitely reach out to the experts and ask about the suitability of your physical condition.
    • After deciding on the operation, you should inform your doctor about your chronic diseases or the medications you use regularly.
    • It would be good to have a companion during and after the surgery to prevent accidents caused by the effects of anesthesia.
    • Preparing clothes that do not tighten your chest area and are easy to put on and take off will also make the process easier for you.
    • Even if you have surgery only on your chest, straining your back and arm muscles may cause you to hurt after the surgery. Buttoned at the front and a little loose clothes will make you more comfortable.
    Breast Lift

    How are the surgeries done in Turkey Istanbul?

    Breast & breast lift surgeries, also called mastopexy, are based on the principle of repositioning the breasts by removing the excess skin that causes sagging in the breasts and the breast tissue that starts to sag. With the intervention on the upper part of the breast, the excess skin in the breast area is removed and the nipples are lifted. The breasts that get rid of the excess skin and tissue look more upright and gain a much younger and healthier appearance.

    As in all operations, although the recovery period in breast lift surgeries varies from person to person, the patient can return to his daily routine in an average of 2 to 4 days. The surgery takes 1-3 hours depending on the procedure to be applied. You may have some pain after breast and breast lift surgery, but this is normal. The pain relievers given by your doctor will either completely suppress or significantly reduce these pains.

    It is also normal to have swelling on the breast after the operation and to appear larger than normal because edema occurs in the operated area. The swelling may not go away even when your pains disappear and you return to your normal life. There is no fear here. Your breasts will have a completely normal and natural appearance within an average of one and a half months.

    Breast Lift

    How Much Are The Prices Of Aesthetics in Istanbul?

    Since the surgical procedure to be applied will differ according to every body and every breast structure, there is no breast & breast lift aesthetic price for everyone. In order to get the healthiest price in this regard, a specialist should be consulted and all the details of what is expected from the operation should be discussed. Of course, first of all, the clinic and healthcare personnel where the operation will be performed must be well researched and decided according to experience rather than price.

    Breast Lift

    Is There Any Scars After the Surgery?

    Immediately after the operation, there may be some scar on the breasts and this is normal. Surgical scars may be around your nipple or under your breast line, depending on the technique to be applied. But these scars are not permanent. After the surgery, the skin tissue begins to disappear as it repairs itself and eventually takes the color of your skin completely. It may take approximately 3 months for the traces to disappear completely.

    What Should Be Considered After Breast Lift?

    Like any surgery, breast lift operations require a delicate process. Especially during periods of intense edema, the slightest blow to the breasts causes you to hurt. To avoid this type of possible accident:

    • Basketbol, voleybol gibi sporlardan uzak durun
    • Avoid movements that are at risk of falling, such as running or jumping.
    • Make sure your breasts are not exposed to direct sunlight.
    • Avoid very solid foods and keep your bowel balance, as constipation will damage your stitches.
    • Choose cotton, loose, breathable clothing.
    • Do not lift heavy, lean over your head, and avoid movements that will strain your breasts.

    Can Breast Lift Procedure be Performed Without Surgery?

    In essence, the breast and breast lift process consists of removing the excess skin and tissue in that area. Therefore, it is not possible to perform this procedure without surgery. Likewise, the interventions performed to eliminate the complaints about breast volume should also be surgical.

    It is not possible to lift breasts, reshape or add volume with laser and similar methods. Therefore, such operations should be performed under the supervision of a specialist medical doctor and with an experienced team. In general, breast & breast aesthetic operations are simple and trouble-free operations that do not carry any vital risks when applied by experts. You do not even have to stay in the clinic for a long time after breast and breast lift surgery. However, of course, like any operation, breast lift surgeries also have risks.

    • Possibility of getting an infection
    • Hypersensitivity and adverse reaction to anesthesia
    • Unexpected complication
    • Bleeding

    Although it is not possible to completely eliminate the risks in any surgery, the risk factor is minimized in surgeries performed by specialists.

    Flora Klinic works for you with the confidence it receives from you, and uses all its knowledge and experience in the best way. It is important to us that you feel healthy as well as beautiful. You can contact us for all your questions and problems about breast and breast lift aesthetics.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the effects of breast sensitivity and breastfeeding?

    In breast lift surgery, breast sensitivity and lactation function are not negatively affected unless the nipple and the connected nerves and vessels are touched. As long as the nipple is not separated from the lower breast tissue, there is no problem. In the lollipop technique used for breast lift, both the nipple is not damaged and breast sensitivity is preserved. Patients who undergo surgery with this technique can easily breastfeed.

    Can breast lift and breast reduction be done together?

    In fact, breast lift and breast reduction surgery are similar surgical approaches. In breast lift surgery, while the breast is lifted, excess sagging skin is also removed. Apart from this, the remaining breast tissue and adipose tissue are preserved as much as possible. In breast reduction surgery, the excess skin and the excess breast tissue and fat tissue are removed according to the degree of reduction. Therefore, both operations can be done at the same time.

    Will there be a change in breast size after surgery?

    After a small breast lift surgery, there is a slight change in the breast size of the patients. Breast sizes get a little smaller. To lift the breast, some tissue is removed from the breast tissue and the breast is shaped. If patients want both breast lift and breast size enlargement, they may consider having a Mastopexy Augmentation operation.

    Who is suitable for breast lift surgery?

    Breast lift surgery is an operation performed according to personal preference. It is not appropriate to have this surgery done at the request of someone else, or to have it done to perfect oneself. The operation should only be done at the request of the person. Patients who are physically healthy, who have excessive breast sagging, who are uncomfortable due to sagging and who have realistic expectations from this surgery are suitable candidates for this surgery. If you are experiencing these, you can make a positive decision to have breast lift surgery.

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