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Brazilian Butt Lift

The importance of the buttock in the perception of the body, whether in women, or in men, increases from day to day. The shape of the buttock in men and women can vary due to different body structures, the effect of hormones, the condition of muscles in the region, and the effect of soft and fatty tissues in the region. The melting in the muscles, the sagging of the skin tissue and the flattening in the region begin mainly due to the advancing age.


The hip area, i.e. the buttocks, comprises the muscle groups that carry the static load in the body. When the muscles weaken, postural disturbances generally begin to take effect in the body. For people involved in activities such as ballet and football, the buttock is anatomically smaller, narrower and steeper. The most desired bottom shape is a bottom with rounded lines which has to be slightly curved outwards. In this point of view also the characteristics of various races are effective.


Therefore, especially the Brazilian butt has become very popular all around the world during the last years. Nowadays, aesthetic operations are performed, in order to maintain the shape of a butt like those from geographic regions as South America and the Caribbean.


In this procedure, liposuction is performed on the abdominal, waist- and hip areas, and the body fat which is obtained is then used on the butt area to create the Brazilian butt shape. With this type of liposuction, which affects the whole body, the abdomen flattens, the hips are rounded, and the desired butt shape is obtained.


The procedure involves 6-7 small incisions under general anaesthesia. The body parts to be treated are also anaesthetised. Therefore, pain is not felt when waking up after the operation. Pain felt during recovery is like muscle pain after exercise and can be relieved with mild painkillers. The first week after the surgery it is recommended to sleep faceward and for about 6 weeks to wear a corset. Even if there are few results immediately after the operation, the actual results do not appear until after 3 months. In some cases, additional treatment may be required to achieve the desired visual result.


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    After the operation will the injected fats create cellulite? May I get more information about that please?

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