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Hip; It is a region that is effective in making the body image appear proportional or out of proportion. Very large hips, sagging hips or looks that do not fit the body in terms of shape may cause people to experience unhappiness with their bodies. Since this unhappiness will affect the quality of life negatively, butt aesthetics can be used.

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    What is Butt Aesthetics?

    Butt aesthetics; on the back of the body; It refers to the operations covering all interventions made to the part between the waist and leg. These operations include buttock reduction, contours, shaping to cupping the waist, removing excess in the hip area, raising or enlarging the butt. Butt aesthetic process determined according to the needs and requests of the patients; It takes its final shape with the determinations made by the surgeon on the body and health. Filling methods are used for those who prefer to have wider and prominent hips, while fat removal or other surgical methods are used for reduction surgeries. Butt aesthetics are generally performed in line with individual wishes in order to have the body appearance of their dreams. Therefore, it has features that differ for everyone.

    Who Can Have Butt Aesthetics in Turkey Istanbul?

    It is preferred by people who live. People who gain and lose weight quickly can apply to butt aesthetics to eliminate sagging. These operations can also be performed to change the appearance of pit and cellulite. Anyone who is over the age of eighteen and whose health condition is approved by the doctor, who has no pregnancy suspicion, can have butt aesthetics. In addition, butt aesthetics, as applied to women, is a method that can be applied to men.

    What are the Types of Butt Aesthetics in Istanbul?

    People who want to have butt aesthetics apply to doctors with different complaints. These include items such as the hips that appear too wide and loose or the contours are not clear at all. Aesthetic surgery has developed special techniques for each of these problems. In this way, butt aesthetics varieties emerge.

    First of all, filling methods applied for small buttocks that want to be changed; It is among the frequently preferred butt aesthetics types. This operation is usually performed by concentrating the person’s own body fat with special methods and adding it back to the hip. It is a common method to use for hip plumping, especially by removing the excess in the hip area. Thus, a curved look can be achieved in the butt while the upper legs shrink and narrow. In addition, silicone prostheses specially produced for the hip are also used for the same procedure. Silicone prostheses; It gives a more upright and taut look to the butt area.

    In addition to filling procedures, various operations can be performed to reduce the size of the butt and to eliminate the sagging appearance. For this, it is possible to apply a procedure called butt stretching or lifting. In this operation, the skin is pulled and lifted up through the incisions made from the upper part of the butt and the abdomen. Thus, the collapsed and chilled appearance on the hip can be eliminated. In addition, liposuction operations for hip reduction are frequently applied and attract attention with efficient results.

    It is important both physiologically and psychologically for individuals to get rid of their worries with their own bodies. Problems related to the buttocks aesthetics related to the hip area, that are not able to fit what they wear due to disproportionate body lines, or due to the waist and thighs.

    What is the Preparation Process?

    Butt Aesthetics

    As with all aesthetic operations, first of all, the patient should feel psychologically ready for butt aesthetic procedures. The willingness and strength of the patients who want to solve their problems with their body and become a happier individual in this way are the effective factors in the process to result in full efficiency.

    In addition to the psychological preparation of the patient, the buttocks aesthetics stage is undoubtedly the determination of the necessary and applicable method in line with the physician’s decision. The examinations made by the aesthetic surgeon and the expectation of the patient are the most important reasons for determining the method. In order to implement the decision made according to these factors, the physician finalizes the date of the operation by passing the patient through various health tests if necessary. According to the nature of the operation, the type of anesthesia to be applied and what kind of anesthesia the patient will follow before the operation is determined by the physician.

    Butt Aesthetics

    How Are The Surgeries Performed in Istanbul?

    Butt aesthetic operations are applied in different ways depending on the type of operation. Local and general anesthesia options are available for performing these applications.

    For filling operations, excess fat tissue is removed from the incision made in the basin. This tissue is then injected into the buttocks to make the hip look more upright and shaped with the body’s own fat. In the silicone filling operation, the prosthesis of the required size is placed under the skin so that it does not damage the butt tissue as a result of the intervention performed only in the hip area. In addition to all these, there are also non-surgical butt enlargement methods that are performed without going under the knife or surgical operation.

    The most common method used for reduction and lifting is the fat removal process called liposuction. With this procedure, excess fat tissue is removed from the buttocks and the skin is sewn in a more upright and taut manner. In cases where the fat removal procedure is not applied and the hip tissue appears to be reduced and collapsed, the hip is lifted by using only the skin suspension method without reducing the tissue and the patient has the desired appearance.

    What Should Be Considered After Brazilian Butt Aesthetics?

    One of the biggest concerns of patients about butt aesthetic surgeries is the pain, aches and movement difficulties that may arise after the operation. Following the butt aesthetic procedure performed by the specialist doctors of Flora Clinic with advanced methods, the following are the points that the patient should pay attention to for a while:

    • The patient is not recommended to take a shower for the first three days.
    • After the operation, the patient wears a corset recommended by the doctor for at least 3 weeks and only takes it off in the bath.
    • In the first days, aches and pains are normal and can be relieved with oral painkillers.
    • It is not considered appropriate for the patient to apply heavy walking and exercise programs for a few weeks after the operation.
    Butt Aesthetics

    How Long Is The Recovery Time After The Operation?

    After the Brazilian butt aesthetic operations, one day hospital supervision and three days of inpatient rest, the patient can gradually return to his normal life. After three days, it can move without damaging the seams, it can be washed and can easily handle its daily tasks on its own. In addition, he does not have trouble sitting.

    In the first weeks, redness, swelling and bruises occur in the hip area where the procedure was applied, but these scars disappear completely at the end of a month. The hip regains its natural and renewed appearance over time. After butt aesthetic operations, complete recovery covers a period of one month with the disappearance of the scars.

    After the butt aesthetic procedure and recovery process applied in Flora Clinic, the patient will have the look they wish and have the opportunity to live a happier and more confident life. For information about butt aesthetics or to make an appointment, you can contact Flora Clinic immediately.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is butt aesthetics permanent or allergic?

    Filling materials used for butt aesthetics do not have allergic effects. Therefore, it can be used safely for shaping the butt. Butt aesthetics made with this method can maintain its permanence for an average of 5-6 years. This period may be longer if people with the operation pay attention to their movements. When butt aesthetics are performed with this method, there is no need for incisions. Therefore, the desired butt shape can be created with a comfortable procedure.

    If butt aesthetics are done, will the appearance of cellulite appear on the skin?

    The person’s own fat stores are used for butt aesthetics. Since the oils injected into the butt area are distributed homogeneously under the skin, an orange peel appearance does not occur on the skin as in cellulite. Even if some of the fat melts after a while, it does not cause a visual problem since it is homogeneous in melting. When the patients wear a special corset for 2 weeks after the fat injection, the buttocks will be better shaped with the oils.

    Can it have round lines with butt aesthetics?

    Sometimes people can be satisfied with their butt size. However, they want the butt area to have rounded lines. In this case, the general condition of the patient is evaluated, if there is excess fat in the body, it is transferred to the butt area by fat injection method, helping the person to have round lines. If there is not enough fat in your body, fillers can be used for this purpose. With this method, the desired butt shape can be created more easily.

    Are buttocks aesthetic prices standard?

    Butt aesthetics are done with a separate planning for each patient. This is because everyone’s body structure is different and the butt shape everyone wants is special. Some people want to have a bigger butt, some want a small but shaped butt. Therefore, the procedures performed during butt aesthetics will be different. These are an important element reflected in the prices of the aesthetic application. In addition, factors such as the experience of the plastic surgeon who will perform the operation, its success in this field, the equipment of the center to perform butt aesthetics, and the possibilities offered to the patients are reflected in the prices of butt aesthetics. Therefore, a standard price policy cannot be applied for butt aesthetics.

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