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Beard Transplant

Beard transplantation can be performed on balding areas that develop genetically or after conditions such as trauma, burns, infection. Beard is not like hair. Everyone has different intensity. For this reason, beard transplantation is done with a different planning for everyone. This procedure is completed within a few hours under local anesthesia. Patients can have natural looking beards without feeling pain. In the planning for beard transplantation, the patient’s condition is evaluated with the drawings, and the hair follicles collected from the nape area are separated individually and transferred to the beard area.

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    For men, beard is like a facial accessory

    The importance of beard for men is considered as an integral part of the facial accessory and aesthetic appearance. A man with a beard he wants is also satisfied with his life. However, this satisfaction does not always occur. When beards are not in the desired density or when they do not grow at all, it can become a big problem for men. In society, there are no men without a beard, taboos like a man has a beard, making a great impact on men’s approach to beard.

    There may be various reasons underlying this problem with beard. The growth of beards is related to male hormones. Sometimes due to the role of genetic factors, sometimes due to diseases, sometimes due to reasons such as accidents, the appearance of the beard such as sparseness, open areas, and scarring may occur. Even puberty pimples can be effective in this. This can become a considerable problem for men who care about beard. Because in our society, the beard is accepted as an image symbolizing the man.

    Stubble beard fashion, which has become widespread among young people in recent years, may become impractical for those with rarity and openness in their beards. This can cause serious mental problems in men. Normally, sparse beard and open areas do not cause a health problem. In fact, this can lead to an aesthetic concern. However, it may be possible for those who make it a problem to experience mental problems. Beard transplantation offered by aesthetic applications can be seen as a remedy for this problem of men. This application offers permanent solutions to men with beard problems.

    Beard Transplant

    How Is It Applied?

    As in hair transplantation, hair follicles taken from another area of ​​the body during beard transplantation are transferred to the problematic area in the beard area and the beard of the person is formed. With this aesthetic application, beard transplantation can be performed in people who are called kose, that is, people who do not grow a beard at all, and people with sparse beard.

    With the effect of local anesthesia applied during beard transplantation, the procedure is performed without any pain sensation. As the FUE technique is used here, as in hair transplantation, beard transplantation is performed very comfortably. With this technique, the hair follicles taken from the non-shedding areas are planted in the beard area.

    If there are regional losses in the person who will have a beard transplantation, a planting is planned to adapt to this by evaluating the frequency of the beard around. If the beard is not completely, 1000-3000 hair roots can be transplanted by adjusting the limit and frequency according to the person’s request. A meaningful expression can be created on the face of the person, even if it is rare, by transplanting 100 roots in the sideburns area, 400 roots in the jaw and mustache area, in other words 1000 hair roots in total.

    Things to consider during beard transplantation

    When the beard is transplanted, the hair follicles to be planted here must be suitable for the beard. Because the hair follicles in the beard area are not like the hair. Since they are thinner, the roots to be planted should be suitable for this. Therefore, hair roots to be taken from the neck in the beard area are more preferred. With the hair roots in this area, a natural-looking transplant can be made in a suitable structure for the beard. In addition, the nape area is suitable for removing the hair follicles required for beard transplantation. But priority is always on the neck area.

    Another issue to be considered during beard transplantation is the planting of hair follicles at an appropriate angle to the person’s beard. The planting angle of the hair follicles is important for obtaining a natural appearance. Since cutting tools are not used in the Fue technique during transplantation, there is no pitting on the bottom. This helps to obtain a natural appearance after planting.

    The hair roots to be used in beard transplantation should be single. In other words, the hair follicles to be taken from the neck or neck should be used in planting by separating them individually. This is because the natural hair follicles in the beard area are always single. Double, triple hair roots look very rough and clumsy in the beard.

    The color distribution of the hair follicles taken in the beard transplantation in the area to be transplanted is an important issue such as the same angle and direction. Implanting cyan hair follicles to a person with white beards or not properly distributing black and white hair follicles can cause an undesirable appearance. Therefore, it is very important for the doctor to specialize in this field and reflect their experience.

    When the hair roots are taken from the neck or neck, they should be transplanted without waiting. Because the hair follicles taken are alive. If they are kept waiting, they will lose their functions because they will be without oxygen, that is, they will die. This is especially important for people with limited hair follicles in the donor area. Hair follicles need to be transplanted without loss. Beard transplantation is an application that requires knowledge and special experience. Taking this into account, those who want to have a beard transplant should definitely get support from an expert.

    In Beard Transplantation

    How to Open Channels?

    In beard cultivation, an area should be created for the cultivation of hair follicles. It is easier to open it by piercing it with a needle, not by opening channels like in hair transplantation, to give the right angle. Therefore, it is more convenient to open channels by piercing with fine-tipped needles with a thickness of 0.6-0.7 mm. In this way, hair roots can be transplanted at an angle of 35-40 degrees required for beard transplantation.

    Can beard transplantation be done in cases such as burn marks?

    Beard transplantation is not done only to those who have a sparse beard or no beard. In addition, it is a suitable procedure for people with regional losses caused by problems such as beard breakage, burn marks, and scars. Such a scar in the beard area can cause aesthetic problems in the person. It is more correct for people with these problems to go to a specialist doctor and make the necessary examination and decide for beard transplantation.

    People with beard transplantation do not have disturbingly obvious scars. The techniques and devices used during this process prevent scarring. There may be some conditions such as redness and blood marks on the skin just after the beard transplant. Let’s also point out that these are temporary. These effects cause small crusting on the skin for a while. However, it disappears spontaneously in a very short time. In this process, it is recommended that the patient pay attention to hygiene rules, consult his doctor for issues such as washing his face and shaving.

    After beard transplantation, beard hair loss occurs for about 2 weeks, as in hair transplantation. Do not hesitate at this stage. Because the hair follicles are not damaged. Only the hairs planted in the beard area are broken and shed. Beard regrowth takes 4-8 months. During this period, the effect of beard transplantation becomes visible. A natural beard is formed on the person’s face.

    Immediately after the beard transplantation, the person is informed by the experts not to touch or wash the beard area. In addition, it should not be used in cosmetic products such as perfume and cologne in this process except water. This area should be kept dry and clean for 10 days. The tiny crusts on the skin will shed spontaneously during the healing process. Patients should also pay attention to the sleeping position for 1-2 days. A position should be adjusted so that the beard area is not weighed down.

    During the recovery period, people should not cut their beard. In this period, the opinions of the doctor who performed the beard transplant should be taken to shave. Care should be taken during the healing process, when the hair follicles planted in the beard area are active, as they begin to grow. If the doctor’s recommendations are followed, a smooth recovery can be achieved. Later, the person can get a beard as he wishes.

    Beard Transplant

    What are the prices?

    The number of hair follicles to be planted in the region is one of the factors that determine the prices in beard transplantation. There is a direct proportion between the number of hair roots and prices. If there is less hair follicle to be used for transplantation, beard transplantation prices decrease. Pricing occurs as much as the number of hair roots to be transplanted. Apart from this, the experience and equipment of the center, expert and team that will perform beard transplantation are also effective in pricing. However, the results of this are more important for patients than beard transplant prices. The natural appearance of the beard after transplantation is pleasing for the patients.

    One of the complaints of those who want to have a beard transplant is that the beard does not grow at all or is not as frequent as desired. In these cases, beard transplantation is inevitable as it will be the best solution. Beard transplantation is an application that can be applied to the cheeks, chin, sideburns and mustache area. The application can also be done to cover acne and scars in these areas. The transplantation of hair follicles taken from the donor area provides a permanent solution for hair root losses in these areas. It is possible to experience hair root losses, especially with hereditary effects, such as needle epilation, laser epilation, burns, and surgery. Beard transplantation can be done both to tighten the hair follicles in the area and to hair these areas that are completely hairless. The target is to create a natural beard as often as the person desires.

    Beard Transplant

    Is It Done With Hair Transplantation?

    If the person who will have a beard transplant will also have a hair transplant, the patient should be evaluated carefully. Hair follicles in the donor area should be examined in detail. It is calculated that the hair follicles taken from this area will be used for both the hair and the beard, and a suitable planning should be made. Planting should be carried out without damaging the hair follicles and wasting. In addition, the hair follicles suitable for beard should be used in beard transplantation, and those for hair should be used in hair transplantation. Hair and beard transplantation can be done at the same time by making the color separation of the hair follicles correctly.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the amount of hair follicle required for beard transplantation?

    Beard transplantation is done according to everyone’s needs. Beard density is different for everyone. For this reason, the amount of hair follicles required for transplantation is determined according to the needs of the person. This ratio is between 300-500 hair roots for the mustache area, 600-700 hair roots on the chin, 200-250 hair roots on the sideburns and 300-700 hair roots on the cheeks.


    Is every hair follicle suitable for beard transplantation?

    The hair roots to be used in beard transplantation should be single. Therefore, the hair follicles collected from the neck should be separated individually and planted in the beard area in this way. It is also important not to wait for the hair follicles to remain without oxygen while performing these procedures.


    Will there be any scars after the beard transplant?

    Facial appearance is important for everyone. Therefore, for those who are considering beard transplantation, scars that may remain on the face after transplantation may be a big problem. However, scarring is no longer a problem in beard transplantation with the Fue method. When the beard transplantation is completed, small unobtrusive crusts may form around the transplanted hair follicles. These crusts in the area kept clean and dry during the healing process heal spontaneously. In a short time, there will be no noticeable marks on the face. More precisely, there is no trace to reflect that the person had a beard transplant.


    Is beard cultivation done for corners?

    It is called a person who never grows a beard. Beard transplantation is a permanent solution for these people. If the patient has enough hair follicles in the donor area, a beard is created.

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