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The arms, which have a very important role in the aesthetic appearance of the body and the exact fit of the clothes worn on the body, have a tissue structure suitable for lubrication over time. Due to advancing age, overweight problems and various reasons, the arm skin can shake and adversely affect body aesthetics, morale, clothing comfort and social life. Arm sagging, which is one of the problems that women complain more and makes it difficult to wear short sleeved clothing in summer, is successfully eliminated thanks to effective aesthetic treatment methods.

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    What are the Causes of Arm Skin Sagging?

    • Sagging occurs on the arm skin for the following reasons:
    • Disruption of collagen and elastic fiber structure in the body due to aging,
    • Frequent weight gain and loss,
    • Losses in adipose tissue,
    • Various accidents in the arm area,
    • Decreasing arm muscle volume as a result of quitting sports in arm muscles developed with sports
    Arm Lift

    What are the Benefits of the Treatments for the Person in Istanbul?

    Arm stretching treatments give the arms an aesthetic appearance, eliminating the aesthetic concerns experienced by the person and making them more at peace with themselves. Arm stretching treatments, which allow the person to wear all the short sleeved clothes comfortably, make it possible to spend especially the hot summer months more comfortably and comfortably. Thanks to the arm lift aesthetics, excessive contact of the skin and body caused by sagging in the arm skin is prevented and hygiene problems are eliminated. Sweating and irritation problems, which occur in the sagging arm area and cause more discomfort to the person in hot months, are not a problem with successful arm stretching treatments.

    In arm lift aesthetics, which of the treatment methods will be applied is determined as a result of the examination and evaluation by the doctor according to the condition of the sagging. Classic arm lift surgery is performed by surgically removing excess skin or fat on the arms. In the application of fat injection accompanied by spider web operation, the operation is performed without surgery and without a trace and the sagging area is reduced. In addition to the classical stretching surgery and spider web operation, the non-surgical and trace-free treatment method called Thermi Tight, which is applied under the skin with radio frequency, also gives very successful results.

    Classic Arm Lift Surgery in Istanbul

    Before the classical arm lift surgery is performed, a pre-evaluation process is made according to the sagging rate of the arm skin and the excess fat layer under the skin in order to decide which surgical technique to use. In cases where there is no fat under the skin, only arm lift operations are applied. Liposuction can be applied if the thickness of the fat tissue in the sagging area is high in skin sagging caused by weight gain and loss. After the liposuction application, the excess skin in the sagging area is removed by surgical procedures.

    In skin sagging limited to the armpit area, only the surgery scar remains in the armpit area after the surgery. In cases where the excess skin extends to the elbow, the surgery scar remains on the back inner part extending from the armpit area to the elbow. The surgical scar extending from the armpit to the elbow is not noticeable at first glance when viewed from the front and back, it can only be noticed when the person lifts his arm or looks carefully. Along with an enlarged skin, weakened muscle tissue and adipose tissue that has succumbed to gravity are among the main causes of arm sagging. In the spider web aesthetic method, skin removal is not performed from deformed sagging areas. By weaving a net around the sagging skin; The sagging area shrinks, collagen production increases and the arms regenerate. In spider web aesthetics, which is a non-surgical and scarless method, fat that has the ability to recover muscles is injected into the relevant area to prevent sagging over time.

    Arm Lift

    With Thermi Tight Application, Without Surgery and Trace in Turkey Istanbul

    Thermi Tight, one of the non-surgical and scarless arm lift methods; It is applied if the rate of sagging in the arm is not too high in cases such as if the patient does not want surgery, is uncomfortable with the surgery scar or is young. In the Thermi Tight method, which is an effective arm stretching treatment performed in a single session, radio frequency is applied to the sagging area under local anesthesia and the sagging is removed with the controlled heat. The Thermi Tight method, in which no pain is felt during its application, immediately shows its effect on the hanging arms, but the full effect will take place within 3 months.

    Things You Need To Pay Attention To After Classic Arm Lift Surgery

    • Do not engage in sports activities for 4 to 6 weeks after surgery.
    • Do not shower or wet the incision site for 2 days after the operation.
    • Do not attempt to remove the stitches, as the stitches will dissolve in about 1 week.
    • Do not forget to dress instead of incision and keep the incision site in a hygienic condition until the stitches dissolve by themselves.
    • Since the arms should be kept above the heart level for about 1 week after the surgery, support your arms with a pillow while sitting or lying down.
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    Will There Be Swelling, Pain or Edema After the Surgery?

    It is normal to have some swelling and edema in the arms after arm lift surgery and a certain tight bandage is used for a week to alleviate these effects. Edema gradually loses its effect after a week of regular use of bandages. Post-operative pains are mild pains that last for a few days and do not bother patients. Pain medications are given by the doctor against pain and the pain problem disappears completely after the stitches dissolve by themselves.

    Arm Lift

    Can Other Aesthetic Operations Be Performed Together?

    Arm lift surgery can be performed with various aesthetic operations applied to the breast, legs and abdomen. Since arm and breast tissue are interconnected, breast sagging may accompany arm sagging. It is possible to get rid of both arm sagging and breast sagging by performing a single surgical operation. When a single surgery is performed for arm sagging and breast sagging, the operation time increases slightly compared to the duration of arm sagging operations alone.

    Arm Lift

    Are The Treatments Permanent And Are There Risks?

    Classic arm lift surgery, spider web aesthetics and Thermi Tight methods all offer a very effective solution against arm sagging, but whichever method is used, the effects of aging cannot be completely prevented. Depending on the aging of the person, sagging problems may occur in the arm skin over time, and therefore arm stretching treatments may need to be repeated at regular intervals. As with all surgical operations, there are some risks in arm lift surgery. Antibiotics are used in case of infection in arm stretching operations.

    Arm Lift

    Prices of the surgery

    The prices of arm stretching operations are determined according to the condition of the patient’s arms, the amount of sagging in the arm skin and the nature of the adipose tissue in the sagging area. Flora Clinic, with its experienced and expert staff, effectively eliminates the problems of sagging in your arms and ensures that your arms reach the look you want. You can contact us for any questions you have about arm lift aesthetics.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where are the scars formed in arm lift surgery?

    During the evaluation of the patient before surgery, the amount of skin sagging and adipose tissue is determined. The patient is given detailed information about the scar that may occur after the operation and the place of the scar. The scar remaining in these surgeries remains on the inside of the arm, in the area towards the armpit. It is not much noticeable in this area when viewed from the outside. If the skin sagging in the patient’s arms is not too much, the scars left in the surgery do not exceed the armpit area.

    Does arm lift surgery cause swelling?

    After the arm lift operation performed to eliminate sagging in the arms, there will be some effects such as edema and swelling in the arms of the patients. In order to alleviate these, bandages that wrap the arm in a certain tightness are used. It is recommended to use this for about a week. After this period, the edema will begin to lose its effect gradually.

    Is arm lift done without surgery?

    If the patients do not have excess skin sagging on their arms, if the patient does not intend to undergo surgery, has anxiety about the scar that will occur in the surgery, and at a young age, arm stretching can be performed with ThermiRf application in a single session without surgery. In this way, non-surgical arm stretching treatment can be performed in patients with mild sagging. This treatment method is performed by injection under the skin with radiofrequency.

    Are there risks to arm lift surgery?

    As with all surgical procedures, this operation carries some risks. Risks arising from both surgery and anesthesia are valid for arm stretching. Various precautions are taken beforehand for these possible risks. Applications such as the use of antibiotics for the risk of infection, simple painkillers for pain, bandages and corsets are used for edema. In addition, the scar remaining after the operation may be prominent. The most important risk for this arm lift surgery can be considered.

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