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Tummy Tuck in Turkey

Tummy tuck is a treatment method that can be applied to those who have excess fat in the abdominal region, excessive weight gain and loss, sagging, excess skin, muscle deformation and similar problems. Abdominal lift operation, which is widely preferred and one of the most effective operations among abdominal aesthetics and belly aesthetic operations, gives successful results for both men and women. You can examine all the information about abdominal aesthetics, also known as “Abdominoplasty” in medicine, with substances specially prepared for you.

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    Tummy tuck or Abdominoplasty is a surgical operation performed to make the abdominal area thinner, healthier and more robust.

    With pregnancy, it becomes difficult for the muscles and skin in the abdominal region to recover. In addition, sagging, deformations and wrinkles occur in the abdominal area. The weakening of the fat tissue in the abdominal area in people who have had more than one pregnancy is possible with tummy tuck operations in order to regain its old appearance.

    Generally seen after the age of 35; Abdominal sagging may occur due to reasons such as sedentary life, heavy alcohol consumption, obesity, rapid weight loss after rapid weight gain or anatomical structure. As a result of these developments, it is inevitable that sagging, wrinkles, visible cracks and wrinkles on the skin surface, adipose tissue with disproportionate appearance and deformed muscles are formed in the abdomen.

    Especially in women, the uterine muscles relax to their highest limits and the uterus grows during pregnancy. Therefore, giving birth after a healthy or unhealthy weight gain, which must occur due to pregnancy, is also one of the main causes of abdominal sagging. Especially after the second and third birth, sagging may reach undesirable dimensions.

    In this case, abdominoplasty, which is one of the most appropriate operations to be applied, is a surgical operation that provides recovery of mass sagging as a result of aesthetic interventions, removal of wrinkles and sagging of the skin, and removal of deformities in the abdomen.

    What are the Reasons Required to Perform Abdominal Stretching in Istanbul?

    • Crack formation in the abdomen,
    • Skin sagging in the abdomen,
    • Due to weight, excessive fat tissue causes sagging and bad appearance,
    • Natural regional disorders in the abdomen,
    • Missing belly button (belly button operation),
    • Personal care and healthy life,
    • Protection of body beauty,
    • Abdominal loosening, wrinkles or sagging due to age.
    • Desire to reduce the size of clothing,
    • Complaining about the appearance of clothes.

    How is Abdominal Stretching Operation Performed?

    In tummy tuck operation, the area where the skin will be removed, sagging correction and other things are decided after a detailed examination after the detailed examination of the relevant physician and radiological scanning. It is drawn from the area called cesarean scar and the skin above the belly button is pulled down and stretched. The belly button is rebuilt so that the body is in its normal position.

    • Tummy tuck surgery is performed primarily as a result of the examinations of the plastic surgeon and the examination of radiological images.
    • The technique to be applied in the operation is decided in the light of the same information.
    • As a result of the examinations, the sagging skin in the abdomen of the person to be operated is removed.
    • The operation is performed under general anesthesia.
    • In addition, liposuction method is also applied for people with sagging problem and fat problem.
    • The areas where sagging and loosening were experienced as a result of the operation are stretched to the lateral parts of the abdomen and downward.
    • During the operation, stitches with a tightening effect are placed on the abdomen. As a result of these stitches, the abdominal muscles are restored and tighter muscles are obtained.
    • As a result of the tummy tuck operation, no scars are observed on the body. The reason for this is that physicians use aesthetic suture method. Aesthetic stitches do not leave any marks after surgery. However, this may change depending on skin characteristics and age factors.
    • As a result of the operation, the cracks on the skin surface are also removed. You can learn detailed operation information from your physician during the examinations.
    • It is recommended that smokers stop smoking 2 weeks before surgery. It is a process that requires plenty of oxygen during and after the operation.

    Who Can Have Abdominal Stretching?

    • Women who have had one or more birth periods,
    • Women or men with weight problems,
    • Those who could not be successful in tightening as a result of sports activities,
    • Men who have a sagging belly and are uncomfortable,
    • Obese patients,
    • People who cannot do sports,
    • People who care about looking fit and elegant,
    • Individuals who do not like body image,
    • Those with intense fat in the abdominal area,
    • Those whose health and age conditions are suitable for operation.
    • Although the age limit for aesthetic operations has decreased, the generally recommended age limit is 18.
    • In short, anyone who has problems with the abdominal area can have a tummy tuck operation.
    Tummy Tuck in Istanbul

    How Long Does the Surgery Take?

    The duration of the tummy tuck operation may vary depending on the body structure and the size of the problem in the area to be aesthetic. Causes such as the size and density of the sagging affect the duration of the operation. However, the generally stated time frame is reported as 3 or 3.5 hours. Prolonged operations are known to end in half an hour or 1 hour, unless there is a different problem. Tummy tuck operation is a very simple operation. However, people who undergo an operation experience a hospitalization period of one or two days for control purposes. In some unusual cases, this period may be longer.

    Recovery Stages After

    Abdominal Stretching

    After the operation, a special corset is generally recommended for the patients to support the success of the operation and for the comfort of the patient. The period of wearing the corset is about one month. After one month, the corset is removed and the success of the operation is increased. The period of removal of the corset may vary according to the recommendations of some physicians. In some cases, the corset, which can be removed in 3 weeks, can sometimes be used for 6 weeks or longer. The dressings made for postoperative stitches should be renewed and cleaned with the help of nurses.

    It is also reported that the stitch marks formed after the operation are usually hidden in the bikini area. The approach of the scars to the skin tone over time decreases their visibility over time. Therefore, it cannot be said that stitch marks cause any discomfort in people. It is possible to perform personal cleaning procedures 3 days after the operation. People who want to give birth again after the operation can give birth again one year later. Finally, people who want to carry out operations abroad came to Turkey, the country can return in about a week.

    Is Abdominal Stretching Risky?

    Each of the surgeries has risk factors. Despite this, it is known that tummy tuck operations are not considered among high-risk operations. However, people who have previously undergone any operation in the abdominal area can be operated after undergoing various tests and tests. People with hernia problems are also checked with devices such as ultrasound and tomography. Whether these people can have a tummy tuck operation will be determined by the plastic surgeon as a result of the tests.

    Is Pain and Pain Feeled After Abdominoplasty?

    Abdominal stretching operations are operations in which serious interventions such as cuts and stitches are performed. Pain and pain dimensions may vary depending on the scope of the operation and the intensity of the application area. However, depending on factors such as age, skin structure and skin health and the immune resistance of the individuals, the healing process may be prolonged or shortened. After abdominoplasty, which is often preferred due to its easy operation, it is difficult to encounter unbearable pain or pain as long as you follow your doctor’s warnings and instructions.

    Abdominal Stretching Surgery Prices in Turkey

    Tummy tuck surgery prices may vary depending on the aesthetic need of the people. For example, people with a low rate of sagging in the abdominal area are taken to mini tummy tuck, which is a very small operation. Those who need a radical change in the abdominal area, those who want to eliminate wrinkles and have a smooth skin texture, can ignore the minor problems caused by the surgery. Efficient results can be obtained from the operation as a result of the healing of the stitch scars within approximately 10-14 days. The prices of the tummy tuck operation may also vary depending on the type of operation. For example, a difference in price can be observed between full tummy tuck and mini tummy tuck. Flora Clinic is one of the most reliable centers that you will apply with its plastic surgery specialists and teams, as well as with the latest technology equipment. You can contact us if you are curious about the subject and you can perform this important operation with expert help.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can a person with abdominoplasty become pregnant and give birth?

    Pregnancy and childbirth are factors that cause deformation of the abdominal area. If people who want to have a tummy tuck operation plan to become pregnant for a period of 1-2 years, tummy tuck should be postponed. It is more appropriate to do this aesthetic application after birth. This will prevent new abdominal deformations. It is ok for patients to give birth normally after a tummy tuck. However, the procedures performed with abdominoplasty will lose their effect with birth.

    When can I start work after a tummy tuck?

    The healing process works differently for everyone. Even if the surgery is the same, the same skin and deformity, the healing process will be different. After a tummy tuck, patients already need bed rest for 8-10 days. It would be a mistake to make a generalization about the starting of the employees. It will be more appropriate for the patients to follow the doctor’s advice according to the recovery status. Some patients are able to return to work after a week, and some after 10 days.

    Can those who have tummy tuck surgery wear a bikini?

    The incision made in the abdominoplasty operation remains within the bikini area. The scar formed in this area becomes pink-red in the healing period. With each passing day, its color starts to adapt to the skin color. It is expected that this will take at least 6 months. After this process, patients can easily wear a bikini.

    Why is it necessary to use a corset after a tummy tuck?

    Patients are taken to their room after abdominal stretching. Here, a special corset is worn to protect the abdominal area. The corset is an important element that will speed up the recovery during the few weeks of wearing it. It also positively affects the success of the tummy tuck operation. Your doctor will also inform you about how to use the corset while taking a bath. If this special corset is not used, the success of tummy tuck surgery is also negatively affected.

    How many days does tummy tuck surgery heal?

    Tummy tuck surgery varies depending on the patient’s conditions, but the period of discharge from the hospital varies between 1-2 days.

    How Abdominoplasty surgery in Turkey?

    In tummy tuck operation, the area where the skin will be removed, sagging correction and other things are decided after a detailed examination after the detailed examination of the relevant physician and radiological scanning.

    Is tummy tuck surgery painful?

    Tummy tuck surgeries are not painful operations as said. Thanks to local anesthesia, there is no pain around the abdomen for up to 10 hours. The short healing time allows you to complete an aesthetic operation painlessly and quickly.

    When does the swelling go away after abdominoplasty?

    The swelling that occurs after tummy tuck surgery passes after 1-2 weeks. We can say that the results of the surgery have changed visibly within 4-6 weeks. It can be said that the abdominal region becomes the desired end between 1 and 1 and a half years.

    Will weight be lost after abdominoplasty?

    There is no such thing as weight gain or loss after abdominoplasty. You can also gain or lose weight normally. Surgery has no such effect.

    What is a mini tummy tuck?

    It is a more limited surgery than abdominoplasty. The belly button is not displaced and is smaller around the abdomen than in abdominoplasty surgery. Mini tummy tuck operations are not performed around the navel and belly button.

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